Sunday, 27 October 2013

An October Walk along the front at Brighton and an approaching Storm

Two weeks have past since our trip to Brighton to see the brilliant musical Love Beyond
So glad it was not this week as a serious storm is heading our way across the Atlantic driven by 200 mph winds in the jet stream
It is scheduled to hit land in the West Country around midnight and sweep across the South of the country and as far North as the Midlands. These storms lose power over the Atlantic but 90 mph winds are forecast inland. It is said that most disruption will be felt for commuters tomorrow as roads are blocked with fallen trees and public transport suspended. 
We have battened down the garden as much as we can

For now back to Brighton beginning with a late afternoon walk along the front after walking around the town for most of the day (another post) with a break for afternoon tea in our hotel which we see on the left of the photo  

Here we see The Grand Hotel that was bombed by the I*R*A* while Margaret Thatcher was leading a party conference

A typical Regency Square

The Promenade is full of hotels

I thought this was fun

Such a contrast - the following photos were taken the following day when the sun was shining as check out was not until noon
Parking fees incidentally in this town are astronomical 
£50 for 48 hours ($80.86)

Looking back having walked along the pier

I know that lots of piers have a fair ground at the end but it was the old fashioned Helter Skelter that caught my eye 

Really enjoyed our hotel, part of The Thistle group
The service was outstanding, the staff friendly and extremely helpful and the beds so comfortable. Apparently the company has a Royal Warranty as they supply the Queens homes.
The food was excellent and the house keeping staff so generous with goodies when I told them I did not need our room servicing for just 2 nights. As busy as we were, I even managed a swim

We did not want to eat in the restaurant as food could be ordered in The Atrium 24 hours a day
Before going to the show we ordered what we thought would be a quick and light meal (soup and sandwich). There was a slight communication mix-up when ordering and we had far more than we could eat. We were immediately given a discount of 50% off everything.
The next evening being Monday we were given 25% off food and drinks  

The view from our breakfast table and I have to say the best buffet I have ever come across with so many choices. About ten different items for full English breakfast, different variations of Continental breakfasts, 6 different juices, about 10 cooked fruits including fresh figs, a large bowl of fresh fruit, numerous breads and croissants and spreads and yoghurt and an array of different teas.
Yes, I would go back
and lastly we booked in March and the tariff we were charged for room and breakfast was quite a bit less than we were quoted on our reservation invoice   

A quick coffee before leaving
We hung around a bit after check-out as we had planned to visit a garden on the way home that did not open until 2.0 pm
We will wander around the town in the next post


Gracie Saylor said...

Santa's boots made me chuckle :) And I enjoyed viewing the other sights too, Barbara. Blessings as you brace for the storm!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It certainly looks like a lovely trip to Brighton. Hope the storm does not cause much damage.

Terri said...

That Santa was having a bad day... but it looks like lovely weather in the pictures. Hope all turns out during the coming storm.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing you use the words,"going for a walk along the front". That is what I used to call our sea shore when I was younger, but that soon changed as I grew as none of my friends ever used that term. Now at 65, I have decided to use..."going to the front" like I used to. My earlier relatives came from England so that it why it was used in our home. Barbara, I have learned so very much from your blog and have seen so many wonderful sights from England. Thank you for sharing the pictures and interesting information. Audrey

Anonymous said...

Our children used to love going to the fair along the pier when they were younger.

elizabeth said...

Lovely clear bright pictures.
I was at the University of Sussex many moons ago so know Brighton quite well.
Greetings from NY.
ps the hotel sounds very obliging.

La Petite Gallery said...

Thank you so much for this post. On my Dad's side of the family, my Aunt Bridget had a beauty shop in Brighton
beach. I had never seen it what a FUN place. There are so many places I'd like to visit like Sheffield where
my Mother's Mother was born.
Have a great day. yvonne

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope that storm is not as frightening as it sounds. Your pictures are all so nice. The beach is aways my favorite place to be. Glad the sun was out at least one day for you there.

Needled Mom said...

Brighton was our first visit to a British beach when we lived there. It was a bit different from the beaches of Hawaii from where we came ;-) It looks like you had a wonderful trip and missed out on that terrific storm. We heard it was dreadful.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Pleasant and friendly accommodations make all the difference, don't they. Hope all's well at your house after the big storm.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

PS: I forgot to say, I love those Santa boots . . . they really made me smile this morning. It's rather cold and gloomy here today . . . they were a cheerful sight.

Vee said...

Oddly enough, as I was reading about the coming storm, our local news did a story about it. Something very sad about a fourteen year old boy swept out to sea... Let us know how you are...perhaps the power is still out. Praying for you all.

CherryPie said...

I love Brighton :-) Your views have captured it in an entirely different light to the times I have been there. I need to go back and explore some more ;-)

Lori Zehr said...

The food descriptions were making me hungry! Sounds like the hospitality and service were wonderful. Parking fees sounded pretty steep, but then, I am not acquainted with typical fees. We rarely pay to park. Only a larger town would charge a fee with a meter or parking garages. We are quite rural in our everyday driving. I don't get around enough to know what is considered reasonable. Thanks for the interesting tour.