Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Drive in July

It is a Sunday afternoon and we are still at our holiday cottage in Lavenham so we decide to drive to a couple of local villages

We stop and park opposite The Peacock Inn in Chelsworth

we walk across this bridge over a river

most of which is owned by the houses that back on to it

We continue walking

taking some photos of the very different and interesting houses on the way

we eventually turn around to drive back the way we came

towards Lavenham
but we will stop off at Monks Eleigh on the way

I ended up walking some way while Alan parked at intervals (not this car) as I love taking photographs of English cottages

I have to walk past this house on the left in order to look at the village church 

On my way back I take a closer look at this interesting porch
which is dated 1682
the decoration in the triangle above the door is dated 1337 

We come to Monks Eleigh with the village green on the right
and guess what? Alan sits in the car while I go wandering
I think the cricket was on the radio! 

The village pump
inscription says this well was made and pump erected 1854

I have never before seen a church bell on the outside of the tower
and looking at the time on  the clock I think we need to be getting back for supper

Don't think anyone is likely to steal this car

On the road again and
next time we will be visiting the Cathedral and Abbey ruins and Gardens in Bury St. Edmonds 


Elizabethd said...

What a truly beautiful area, so very 'English'!

Vee said...

The cottages are so charming and have wonderful colors. It looked like pretty good walking so Alan really must have found something good on the radio.

Annie Jeffries said...

Good evening Barbara. Enchanting as always and the weather looks so wonderful and inviting for country rambles.

Trisha said...

What beautiful homes, and rich historical preservation. Blessings Barbara, thank you for sharing.

Priscilla said...

Hi again. My daughter's best friend lived in Monks Eleigh. They were in Young Farmers together. The decorated car reminded me of her older sister's car. She hD a Mini. You would laugh to see all of the kids they could fit in there to go off on one of the YF events.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for brightening a very dreary wet day here. I think I needed a little summer sunshine right now. Your tour through the village was just wonderful.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to live in a house several hundred years old, thinking of all the life that has come and gone within its walls . . . I can't. I enjoyed the walk with you, looking at all these character-laden houses.

Anonymous said...

Suffolk really is very beautiful. Would you believe I have only been twice. Once a few years ago for a couple of days away with husband. I thought it was so pretty, so I cannot think why we haven't been again to stay. The second time was very briefly last year, to see his former boss's horse race at Newmarket, so I didn't see much apart from horses that time!

Lori Zehr said...

I always enjoy your great pictures and wonderful posts! Oh, those beautiful hollyhocks! They are one of my favorite flowers! Thanks for sharing!

bristowmom said...

I love looking at your pictures of English cottages. I often try to choose a favorite but today I cannot choose since therenare so many pretty ones.

AM Zafaran said...

Hi Barbara, This is so very beautiful....wish I could walk along there too!I love these pics so much!
I have been caught up with my paintings and apologize for not visiting earlier.
Sending lots of good wishes!