Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Day in July

Some time ago I posted on a visit to Heybridge Basin on the coast
On that particular day in July we also visited this old Steam Pumping Station which is now a museum
It supplied water to the Southend district with giant steam engines pumping up to eight million gallons of treated water every day and became obsolete in the 1960's

The tea room (where we had morning coffee) was very much a part of the museum

As you can imagine this was far more interesting to Alan

I guess they needed the phone closed off because of the noise of the engines

Miniature steam railway

Later after our lunch and walk in Heybridge Basin we drove to the river estuary at Maldon

Where we see the old Thames barges moored on the River Blackwater that were used on the River Thames in bygone days

Contrasting with modern times

Alan is doing fine and healing well but still well bandaged up for another week. Can move around the house now but still not allowed to walk outside
Fortunate that house church is next door!


Elizabethd said...

That loks like the sort of visit that my husband would find fascinating.
Have you noticed that recently there have been some interesting programmes about the renovation of water towers into homes?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nice to see those summer days here in the middle of winter. We do have sunshine but it is well below freezing out. Glad Alan is doing well!

Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear that Alan is healing well. I hope he is being a "patient" patient!!!!

Beautiful pictures of your visit, Barb.

Vee said...

Yes, that machinery would be very intriguing to John as well. That would be his kind of tea room.

Glad that Alan is healing well. Sorry that things still require such bandaging. Hope that he has such a good week that he hardly notices the time.

Lorrie said...

My husband would also be interested in that machinery. I noticed the name on the miniature railway - Langford. It caught my eye because one municipality in the Victoria area is called Langford and it's where our daughter lives.

So glad to hear that Alan is improving daily.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It's nice to have a bit of July in mid-winter like this. I can see the attraction of all that amazing machinery for Alan and can even appreciate the craftsmanship of it myself, though my eyes might glaze over if someone tried to explain how it works.

It's good to hear he's healing well. But the inactivity must be driving him crazy by now.

Unknown said...

They are vintage machinery. My friend Carl & I are self-employed doing a garage. We have some vintage machinery as well. We have engines form very old cars that still work well. We don't use them since they have a good value. We keep them preserved in our garage. The water pumping system looks cool. I love it. Anyway keep the place preserved. Because the vintage stuff are valuable and cost more. Just like Sapphire Rings . With the age they get more and more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Now that's the type of place I would like to visit.... great post! :-)

HOPE said...

Hi nice to have you visit me...that one big a BIG BOY...I had to laugh that you said SHE...when a child, I thought all kitties were GIRLS.

I have missed visiting your journey's but will be back..lots going on right now.

God bless you dear friend in the NEW YEAR with heavenly rejoicings!

G;ad to know your OC is doing better.


Lori Zehr said...

Glad to hear Alan is well!

Suz. said...

Enjoyed this post! Glad for Alan's continued recovery.

Suz from Made for Joy.