Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shopping at the 2012 Olympic Site Pt. 2

Continuing our walk around the mall, food is very much on the menu in this post
and you know what it is like wondering around these places
round and round and up and down
We did actually have a successful shopping trip finding everything on my list

A bit confusing this photo, Waitrose is a high class food shop
while the market is a number of different separate shops

This was our first port of call on arrival
Costa Coffee
there are 84 places to eat or snack

We are now browsing the Eastern Market

Whoopie Pies

The description of these Indian sweet treats sound very tempting

and then there is Waitrose my favourite food store where I bought some goodies for Alan's upcoming 80th birthday party on Saturday

Must not miss out the ice-cream

or the cup cakes which as a child we called fairy cakes
There's nothing new under the sun!

Waiting for a table at Jamie Oliver's Italian

The policy is that once seated one must be served within 10 minutes which we were

and enjoyed a delicious tasting meal of Porcetta
Pork belly rolled and stuffed with salami, pine-nuts,vine fruits, rosemary and thyme
marinated in white wine and slow cooked for 24 hours
with potato wedges roasted in caramelised onions
(the reason I was not tempted to buy anything in the Eastern market)

Downstairs at Jamie's

and then into John Lewis my favourite department store
where I found my Granddaughters Christmas present

Have not seen a Harvey Nichols food market in a mall before
Harvey Nichols being the department store in Knightsbridge favoured by Princess Diana

It's rush hour so will need to have a little patience on the journey home


Priscilla said...

Oh, what a fantastic temple of food! I'd love to see that. I loved Waitrose in Bury St. Edmunds. Mostly I shopped at Sainsbury, but definitely Waitrose for the more luxurious items. We had a little village market with an amazing array of things, an award winning butcher, a nice baker, a green grocer, a sweetshop, and milk was delivered every morning. But I still went to Sainsbury every week for staples, and to go to the street market.
Oh, Barbara, I miss it all so much.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I am seriously impressed with your stamina. AND of dining at Jamie Olivers! Lucky girl...

Needled Mom said...

It all looks wonderful. I would love to see it in person. Imagine how crowded it will be for the Olympics.

Kay G. said...

Thank you for letting me see all these photos! The food that you had at Jamie Oliver's restaurant looked really, really good.
Everything looks so modern and clean and fresh, doesn't it?

Vee said...

Everything looks so bright and colorful. Even the whoopie pies! Your meal at Jamie Oliver's looked simply scrumptious and you only waited 10 minutes? That's amazing! I didn't recognize the names of your favorites, but I smiled to think of you having great success finding what you were wanting. Does this mean your Christmas shopping is done?

Mary Ann said...

Oh, my, what a shopping mall! How could you ever decide what food to eat?

I will check your website more often now, it's a wonderful view to see London from America's heartland!

Cousin Pam said...

Amazing!!! Sadly I doubt I'll ever experience it :-(

Lori Zehr said...


Balisha said...

I loved this post.I always love seeing things that I never will see in person, through your eyes. What a wonderful mall.

Gwendolyn said...

It has been interesting to see these more modern sight-seeing venues since we are accustomed to the historical sights. But this is overwhelming! Such an array of foods and delightful eats! A shopper's paradise for sure.

Pomona said...

It is a most amazing shopping centre! Especially the cakes . . .

Pomona x

Arlene said...

I missed this and your previous post Barbara, sorry, I find it hard to keep up sometime, well actually most of the time, ;-) I have a life outside this laptop that gets in the way, however, what a wonderful trip, I didn't realize it was so big, and what variety, wouldn't mind going there myself, I wish,, I'm glad to hear someone actually recognising the newly named 'cup cakes' are actually our dear old Fairy cakes of our youth.

Trisha said...

Barbara, it looks like you had a wonderful shopping trip. I've only been to one shopping mall like that, it was the biggest one in the Eastern part of the US. Though I enjoyed the resturants and looking around in the shops; I waited till we went to another mall to do my Christmas shopping, because everything there was so over priced. Blessings.

nikkipolani said...

What an amazing array of foods! Almost too much for the eye to take in -- all the interesting decor and shapes and colours.