Wednesday, 9 November 2011

2012 Olympic White Water Rafting and the Rest of the Day

While on the subject of Olympic posting I'll show you the new white water rafting site. This is to the north of London and just 30 minutes from home.
When visiting it was open to the public and a number of our friends have already taken advantage and hired a raft and guide.
For us we just wanted to have a look for the moment
It is now closed to the public until after the Olympics so that it can be got ready for the event
It is said to be the best in the world and the professionals like it because they do not catch any bugs in the constantly filtered water

An outside R & R area outside the cafe which looks down on the course

Which size wet suit?

one of several viewing bridges over the course

travelling up to the top of the course
The oldest person in the rafts today was a lady of 82

the temporary cafe where one can also watch a video of their trip
Much larger restaurant accommodation will be needed for the event

The site is alongside the Lee Navigation Canal and having had lunch we are now off for a walk
We will walk for an hour and then make our way back if you would like to accompany us
canal walking is easy as it is flat, not like my regular walking at home

the first lock in the distance
always good as it tells you where you are
This canal runs right down to the main Olympic site joining with other navigation systems before entering the River Thames

the dreaded Japanese Knotweed that is talking over on river banks - very difficult to keep in check

a resident barge that sells teas etc
had a long chat with the owner who told us he and his family had decided to get 'out of the rat race' and lead a simple life

we are now on our way home and stopping for afternoon tea in the village of Theydon Bois

at the Belgium tea rooms

A lot of choice but we decide on Apple Strudel
the downside was that we arrived at the same time as
after school happy hour - we'll manage!
Something I forgot to mention on my previous post -
if one forgets where they left their car amongst the 5000 parking spaces in Westfield, then key in number plate on the information touch screens and it will find your car


Vee said...

That's a neat feature! (Wish that they'd install that at the local Wal*Mart. Yes, I'm starting to lose my car these days. That can't be good. So now, instead of mindlessly walking off, I must take serious note of where I have parked.)

The canal path looked wonderful until all that overgrowth. That's too bad that an invasive plant is so aggressive.

The rafting looked like great fun. No chance that you'd give it a try someday after the Olympics? It looks like a wonderful thing for the church group to do together.

The apple strudel looks delish.

Elizabethd said...

What a splendid rafting place!
I cant believe there is actually a machine which will find your car, how amazing!

Terri said...

The rafting looks like fun. And the desserts yummy... Hey, we have Westfield malls around that don't have the car find! Not fair! (Of course, our parking lots aren't 5,000 spaces either!) Always fun trippen' with you, Barbara.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It seems like a very cold day for white water rafting. That apple strudel looks amazing; it's so very full of apples. Seeing all those pastries, I would have had a difficult time making up my mind which to chose.

Scriptor Senex said...

I notice there is another invader on yiur canal bank - the Himalayan Balsam. Between that and the Japasnese Knotweed we are losing a lot of space for our native wildlife.

I skipped over the Bekgian tea rooms bit - it was making my mouth water too much.

Needled Mom said...

I love the idea of locating lost vehicles!!! Fabulous idea.

That rafting looks amazing. Is that an Olympic sport? I did not realize that.

The Belgium tea house looks like a perfect spot for tea!

Camille said...

I would love the walk along the canal and the strudel looks delicious!
The machine that can find your car...amazing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I imagine it is going to be quite exciting having the olympics there. That course looks like something I never dream of trying out . It would be fun to watch though. That strudel looks wonderful. Such a nice way to end your day.

talesfromagarden said...

Enjoyed touring with you,love the white water rafting much safer looking than the usual places!I loved the barge selling teas very tranquil looking place and those pastries,I could have eaten them on sight!
Congratulations to your husband on reaching a milestone birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for visiting and leaving such kind, encouraging comments.
So glad I found you again. :-)

The white-water rafting looks like great fun! I can't believe an 82 year old lady attempted it! Brave lady!

That's awesome to have a machine that can find your car! Much needed at times here too. :-)

Blessings to you,

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

you have no idea how badly this makes me want to be back there! prayers...

nikkipolani said...

Wow, that rafting looks like loads of fun! But I think choosing a dessert at the Belgium tea rooms is more my speed ;-)

Kay G. said...

I was going to comment here but since I am from Georgia the image of white water rafting reminds me of that movie that Georgia has been trying to live down for years... you know the one with the banjo music?

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Love the views of the new shopping center for the Olympics. Some of the venues are very close to where I was born and lived as a little girl. Looking forward to seeing more photos.