Friday, 16 May 2008

Local Hedgerows and Blossom

Another peep in to my neighbourhood
The hedgerows and roadsides are beautiful at the moment
Took these about 8.30 in the evening this week

Horse Chestnut trees the full length of the road

So lovely when the sun is just going down

This is the Wisteria at Pilgrims Hall
The Christian Recource Centre that I am involved with
The brick wall to the left of the house was absolutely covered in Wisteria
It had to be taken down in order to have some renovation work done

See the sinking sun shining through

Taken from the roof

Many of the fields are in full flower with Oil Seed Rape
So much more is grown these days as it is used as a bio fuel
Adds very much to hay fever symptoms for many

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am meeting up with 2 blogging friends in London
One from this country and one from the USA
All will be revealed in the next post


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

You've got blooms everywhere! Those horse chestnut trees are so big! The blooms remind me of candles from a distance. And did you see that guy walking his dogs underneath? Is that a kilt he's wearing or just baggy shorts?

I loved the wisteria, of course!

a woman who is said...

Your hedgerows are certainly charming. I clicked on all the pictures.

I especially loved the garden at Pilgrim’s Hall, with the birdhouse on a stand!

Can't wait to find out who the mystery bloggers are?

Susie said...

Beautiful photos, but I do love the wisteria the most! I know who the "mystery bloggers" are, but my lips are sealed. We'll want details!!
Have a wonderful time!!

Charm and Grace said...

I had to click the horse chestnut pics so that I could get a close-up of them. Amazing trees... I have never seen one in person. Of course, you know I loved the wysteria pictures. I can't believe they had to do away with so much of it to renovate that wall. Thanks for hiking up to the roof so that we could get the full effect of the arbor! Have a great time w/ the blogging friends. We'll be waiting (patiently?) to hear how your bloggy meeting goes!

Love and hugs,

Dorothy said...

Barbara ...all is just beautiful..I love the Wisteria...we had it in South Carolina...thank you for such beautiful photos...

Anonymous said...

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