Thursday, 22 May 2008

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens - Part 1 The Rock Garden

The first week in May we visited this spectacular garden
We are so blessed to have so many beautiful gardens nearby
This one is not far from Gatwick Airport
but you would never know it
The Magnolias and Camellias had just finished but the Azaleas were magnificant
I'll take you through the rockery on this post
but do come back for the gardens,
vintage car collection and
the most amazing dolls house I have ever seen
There are 200 acres of paradise, including 7 lakes
The gardens were started in 1801, purchased in the 1850's by the Hubbard family,
and subsequently acquired by Sir Edmund Loder, making Leonardslee
one of the last great private gardens in England
Come on into the Rock Garden with me and enjoy
(double clicking on the photos will be even more enjoyable)


Adrienne said...

Oh, what beauty! I would just love to visit your part of the world. My dear little mother has always wanted to visit England and see places she has read about. ~Adrienne~

Vee said...

All I can say is "WOW!"

The colors and textures are exquisite. Believe me, I have seen nothing quite like it at any of the public gardens that we have in my corner. That's why I keep visiting you! ;D

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing these... Have a lovely weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!
I have enjoyed all your recent photos and blog posts!
Thank you for sharing!

a woman who is said...

I was fascinated by the flowering shrubs all looking like mounds? Interesting approach...they must be all trimmed.

Very beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a magnificant garden. I must say that it looks nothing like my rock garden which is mostly just rocks.

Charm and Grace said...

Ooohhh, lovely. Another place to add to my "must see when in England" list! Curious... do you know what the lavender/purple colored shrub is in Photo 5? It looks like an azalea (?) but I have never seen one that color. It reminds me of wysteria. Thanks again for all your hard work in giving us these lovely photos!


Lavinia said...

This looks like what the Garden Of Eden must have been like.

Anonymous said...

So much fantastic colour, Barbara!

Unknown said...

WOW is the only word for this garden. I am going to send my mum the link to here as she goes on about Savill Gardens all the time, but will want to go here now I am sure.

Barbara said...

A real feast for the eyes! Just beautiful! I have to keep this garden in mind!

Dorothy said... is so amazing...that just a short while ago this was covered in ice and a rebirth of nature...fantastic...God's work is just so beautiful...thank you for the journey..lovely

Candytuft Corner said...

What a beautiful garden Barbara.

I hope that you enjoy the bank holiday weekend and that the sun is shining where you are.

Marie x

Unknown said...

Amazing pictures!

Mike said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I've never been there, but recently I visited Valley gardens at Virginia Water. I thought the blooms were not as amazing as last year; that was particularly stunning! have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lovely-looking garden.


Paula said...

Just stunning! Yes you are lucky to live near such wonderful gardens. My Mom always says I should take a tour of English gardens, she's right!
The lavender Rhodie is gorgeous and all the mounds of pink.
I blew up several of the pics to really take it in.
Thanks for posting, a real treat for the eys.

Jeanne said...

Exquisite and enchanting gardens
Love Jeanne

Sharon Goemaere said...

Oh to be in in Oregon

Betty said...

I agree that these gardens are the most beautiful I've seen....who can doubt that only God can can paint such a landscape with such color...

Thanks for sharing with us and for reminding me to come back and take a stroll....

Thanks for your prayers for Edward...God has blessed us so abundantly....Betty