Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hatfield House - Part 3

Let's take a look at some interesting features in the grounds of
Hatfield House

You can walk with me or take the pony and trap

The gold gilded cherub in the knot garden

Formal garden

Fox sculptures

Lets check some windows, doors and gateways
The Wisteria is just beginning to flower

Doorway to infinity

And steps

And seats

And chimneys

The gift shop and toilets


Dorothy said...

Barbara..everything is just breathtakingly lovely...I could linger and look at your photos for a long while...I especially love the bench with the stone figures behind it...I old are these? They are fantastic! I'm so happy your have shared this with us...

zetor said...

Beautiful Photos as usual Barbara. I always find it fascinating when visiting a place full of history.

Adrienne said...

Oh, I wish I could be there in person to walk and chat and visit as we enjoy the beauty of this place together! ~Adrienne~

LBP said...

I am so enjoying your photo journey! It's so fascinating!


Vee said...

I enjoy the way that you collect similar subjects together...gates, doorways, paths, chimneys, benches, etc. The colors are wonderful...I am completely charmed by the color of the bricks and roof tiles.

Thanks, Barbara!

Elizabeth said...

Mouthwateringly wonderful
Isn't it lovely that such places are open to the public so we can all enjoy them.
Super photos

Jeanne said...

Absolutely beautiful and enchanting

Lorrie said...

I thoroughly enjoy the tours you take me on via your blog. Things I will probably never get to see in real life are there to explore. Thanks so much.


Needled Mom said...

Just beautiful...wish my gardens looked like that.

Barbara said...

Very interesting and also beautiful, your three postings about Hatfield House and its gardens. It was as if I were visiting the place on my own. Where were all the other visitors?

Mike said...

Yes. The Wisteria is really fragrant at the moment.

Unknown said...

Barbara, I'm Brazilian and I'm going to London next month. Do you know someone there who rents room for a short time? I'm going there between June 07 until July 06. I prefer to stay in a house of a member of church. I'm going to study in Bayswater. Thank you anyway. My e-mail is

Merisi said...

I am touched by how much thought went into creating this beautiful place. Thank you for taking the time to let us come along!

I took a break during yesterday's late afternoon, strolling through the Alpine Gardens at Belvedere Castle. They are much smaller of course, but so many flowers are blooming there, it seems like paradise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a wonderful picture tour. It really makes me want to go and wonder around. Have looked at the photo's several times. Lovely.
Is it a National Trust property?

Hereford UK

la bellina mammina said...

Fantastic photos, Barbara, the wisteria, the gardens, the sculpture, the buildings!!! I wish I was living there!

a woman who is said...

That was a fun tour.

I love the door ways, the garden entrances, the seats, the gates, especially the intricate rod iron gate! I saw a similar one in Oxford and have never forgotten it.

...and of coarse all the old vines climbing up walls!

Paula said...

What a awesome place. A real treat for the eyes.

Sara at Come Away With Me said... many interesting features and beautiful photos!

That carved panel with the queen and courtiers is quite interesting. I notice she is taller than everyone else....I'm sure that is intentional to show status. The clothing is so detailed; love it!

I'm guessing that bare fine trained on trellises all around the formal garden is wisteria....that will be absolutely breathtaking when it is in bloom! Here our wisteria blooms are long gone...just lots of green leaves now!


Lavinia said...

I could lose myself here for hours or days. It's like the Secret Garden, that dear children's book I so love.

The most incredible vistas......simply stunning.

Lavinia said...

The sculpted statues above the bench are extraordinary..just marvelling at the detail and the beauty....

If ever I go to the UK, this place is number one on the list of places to visit!