Saturday, 2 February 2008

More Walking in My Immediate Neighbourhood

I invite you to come with me on another walk in my neighbourhood.
Today instead of turning right out of my house we have turned left
Then left again at the bottom of the road where we will turn right onto the main road
through my district

We have turned right and are making our way along the main road
We have crossed the traffic lights and are continuing on for a few hundred yards

We are not going into this park today which is on our left but we are

turning into this park which is on our right.
I am always amazed at the different moods and colours that one encounters on such a short walk depending on the sky and whether one is looking towards the sun
or away from it
Here are some great examples of this

Facing the sun which is shining through the bare trees
How different these will look in a couple of months
then again in the Autumn

Looking back with the sun behind

Looking up to the sky

It's beginning to cloud over but the birds are singing as loudly as ever

This is the point where we will turn round as it is very cold and nearing lunchtime

It was here on my way back that I met a lovely couple walking their 2 dogs
They were interested to know why I was taking photographs
Having told them they were for my blog site,
and when they showed interest, I gave them the address
When I opened up my computer after lunch
there was a lovely E-mail from Ronald and his wife
saying how much they enjoyed the site and how they would be spending
a lot of time reading it. They also sent an Autumn photo of this very spot
So thank you Ronald

This squirrel stayed where he was

But his friend ran up into the tree

The end of our walk in the park but not the end of our walk home
As I turned out of the gates the wind chill made it bitterly cold as the wind was blowing
straight on to my face.
I was looking forward to lunch,which being Saturday, was quite simple
Pasta with a Roast Vegetable Sauce
Topped with Chopped Bacon and Grated Cheese
and served with
A mixed Salad and Black Olive Ciabata Bread


Vee said...

Yes, some of the tree photos look very familiar!

How lovely that you met some new friends on a walk and that they'll be reading.

I'll be so glad when walking can ensue again. To walk now, I'd need to go to the shopping mall and join the heart patients, but that's definitely an option.

Enjoy your weekend!

Betty said...

Isn't it interesting how my just a wee bit of a different angle a picture changes so much....I enjoyed my walk and the lunch sounds absolutely delicious.....

How fortunate the couple stopped to chat and now have access to your blog....many blessings in store for them......Betty

Teresa said...

Once again, I felt like I was right there. Although, I am warm and did not get a nice lunch when done. Your photos are really good.

Your new friends are going to like this blog as it is full of inspiration for the eyes, soul and spirit.

I saw the heading for the next post, and it looks like I am going to Blenheim Palace, next. I'm excited about that.

Candytuft Corner said...

Another lovely walk Barbara ~ I hope that you were warmly dressed against that wind chill. We had minus 18 C wind chill this week and it was freezing!!!

Marie x

Naturegirl said...

Barbara this was a lovley walk and I enjoyed seeing all the green! My world is covered in white snow!
Thank you for stopping by my 300th post GIVE-AWAY! wishing you luck!
hugs NG

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I enjoyed the walk around your neighbourhood and park. I bet you really enjoyed your lunch when you got home.

Paula said...

Thats nice that you have a lot of open space near your home.
Love the pics of the squirels, they are so cute. We have a lot of them where I live, my dogs try to catch them (luckily they never succeed), now in the winter, the squirrels have made a nice winter home underneath our nice warm hot tub.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I so enjoyed my walk with you today. thanks for taking me along!

TO BECOME said...

Boy was that a very nice relaxing walk and I needed it. I have been inside all day long. The pictures were wonderful. I am so glad you made some new friends. Have a good weekend. connie from Texas

Willow said...

Wonderful time on our walk today. I enjoyed seeing the squirrels and noticing the changing views of the trees with you!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

How enjoyable to walk around your neighborhood with you! And how cool that you met some new friends who have already visited your blog...

Where are we going tomorrow? I think it's time for me to do another walking blog; perhaps I'll go to the park after church, if it's not raining.

Unknown said...

Thanks Barbara for the lovely tour around your neighborhood.I would have loved to walked with you! Thanks so much fo stopping to visit. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm. Love & Prayers. Lisa

Susan said...

Thanks for another lovely stroll with you Barbara. I particularly loved your photos of the trees.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Lovely pics. I have some of around here to post too. And your lunch seems to have been delicious. :)
Happy Sunday,

Jeanne said...

I love the walks in your lovely neighborhood.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne ^j^

Mike said...

Lovely to have that open space. Thanks for showing us!

Susie said...

Hi Barbara,
So sorry I haven't been by very often. Hope you understand why. I do appreciate your faithful comments..
Loved seeing the lovely area in which you live. The photos of your walk were a treat.
We still make our daily walk a priority and find that it helps lift our spirits..

Sharon Goemaere said...

How lovely to see where you live Barbara!Thanks for sharing your lovely country with us...Sharon :-)

Susan Skitt said...

What a lovely walk Barbara, as always. I so enjoy "walking with you". I'd love to come to your yummy lunch as well! I had peanut butter and jelly... a staple around these parts with my six-year-old!

Barbara said...

How lucky you were to see the squirrels and take the picture. I love the photos with the bare trees and the sun shining through. Thank you for this nice walk...