Monday, 25 February 2008

February Musings

Where did February go? I say the same every month

I am sure that time is speeding up!
For those who did not see it, here is my daughter Janie's comment on number 6 of my last post
"That house, I remember it as if it were yesterday, it was very scarey, at the age I was then of course."
She has managed to post again so I am sure she will enjoy you visiting
How she manages to work full time in a high pressure career, travel, look after her family and animals, knit, make jewellery,cook, entertain, decorate her home and lead a busy social life I do not know
My son Peter is off to Palm Springs this Thursday so all my Californian blogging buddies just may have him flying over you
Amongst the gardening I am still trying to make a dent in the spring cleaning and we are decorating the bathrooms
I now have a confession to make
I have just found out from my daily newspaper that
LOL means Laugh out Loud
I had thought it was Lots of Love
So to my kind gentlemen visitors I am disappointed

Here I am exhausted having spent most of the day doing the necessary hard work and pruning in order to enjoy the garden in all it's beauty in the Summer

I did not see the Lunar Eclipse last week
It was passing over us in the middle of the night and there was intermittent cloud cover making it not worth putting the alarm on
I took this picture of the moon over my house the previous night

This was a Chinese Restaurant we went to last week

There were 60 dishes to choose from and as often as you like
I am not a large eater so it is wasted on me
We were out with a group of 18 and it was not my choice but the company was good


Jeanne said...

Blessings and much love to you
Big hugs

Susan said...

Busy life and happenings!

Mike said...

How funny! You have just explained why I have had some rather serious comments followed by LOL. LOL!!! By the way...lots of love. He he

Anonymous said...

Barbara, you always make me smile! I’m dreading to face one area of my backyard that could use some spring cleaning. It’s out of the way, but still needs attending to. Your example is motivating me, however.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. It is nice to know that spring gardening will pay off throughout the summer.

I will keep my eyes open for that flight to Palm Springs.

Charm and Grace said...

Barbara, I am LOL-ing at your LOL comment. Good thing for your newspaper, or you just never know what might have developed! I always enjoy reading your blog and what fun now seeing you in your garden.

LOL (& Lots of Love, too)
Charm & Grace

a woman who is said...

I can’t believe I haven’t pruned yet! I have quite a bit to do on my roses. The weather has just started to turn nice this last week or so. You may be feeling tired in your garden, but you look like you are content and prepared to do the work well. I love your garden belt, how practical. I can’t wait to just go smell the dirt. I love cleaning up the garden. But I know I will be very sore and tired from that first big clean up, yikes!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Barbara......

Yes, I do agree, these months simply fly by, I often say that I’m sure time has speeded up!

I love the picture of you at work in your garden, I though how energetic you look actually and all togged up with trendy gardening accessories. Great! Those rhino tubs are fab!..... what pretty colours they are made in now, mine are the conventional black. I must treat myself to a pink one, as least I’ll be able to spot it in the garden.

Such a pity we had a cloudy night at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, I was thinking of setting my alarm too, but seeing the weather forecast I didn’t bother. Have a good week. Marion

Merisi said...

LOL = Lots of Love: What's not to love about it?
ROFL: Now that is going to be tough. Any tries? *giggle*

Your post made me go to Wikipedia's "Emoticon" page (click here, where I learned that emoticons go back much further than I imagined. The first one was documented way back in 1857, with number 73 standing for "love and kisses" in Morse Code!

Congratulations, you guessed it, Sienna's the Italian city where I took today's photographs. I shall have to think of a price, much to my shame I did not think about it this morning when I had to scramble a bit to put a blog post up. I will be back when I know!

La Tea Dah said...

I love your LOL story! I think it can be whatever you would like. Lots of love is so much sweeter!

Enjoy a beautiful day!

Lorrie said...

So glad you can start work in your garden. Don't you just love getting out in the yard in the spring?

Timmie said...

That picture you took of the moon is still very lovely! And I admire your daughter (and anyone) who manages to have such a multi-faceted life... hopefully one day I can learn to do more than 2 things at once ;)
Lots of love, Timmie :D

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Barbara...great post - so many things you've included. It's interesting to see your garden bench there behind you and think that I've also seen it on Google Earth!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pix as your garden springs to life and all the fruits of your hard work of pruning show themselves.

LOL (Lots of Love) Sara

Paula said...

I checked out Janie's blog. She's good at photography just like you.
I used to think the same about LOL
Love the pic of you in the garden, I love getting knee high with clippings!
Mmmm that restaurant looks yummy!

Vee said...

LOL! Oh, Barbara, that was sweet! I think I prefer your definition. And you're able to work in the garden in your shirtsleeves? Okay, I will resist the urge to become jealous.

The moon shot is lovely!

Aqeela said...

Wow, your last post was facinating, with all those strange houses and unusual people. I cant imagine how some people can live in such mess and neglect. Of course a humble home is the best kind - but it must be clean. Ive been in homes where there is rubbish and rotting food everywhere, not nice. I cant even go to my mums house as that is just the same due to her current mental state. When i lived at home she was obsessive about cleaning, we couldnt leave a trace of dirt without her becoming incredibly annoyed. Very different now.

Your right when you say that February has gone by so fast, i was just thinking that earlier. But now March is almost here and the days will continue to brighten, and we can marvel at Gods creation as lots of new animals are being born, ready to come and spend their lives on Gods beautiful planet. i cant wait!

Susie said...

I love your definition of LOL! It's much better actually!
Your son has picked a great time for visiting CA. We're having some beautiful weather this week.
Not sure exactly how it is in the south though.
You've certainly been hard at work in the garden. It's an endless chore, I know!!

Willow said...

Do you know TTFN? I had to ask my son: Ta-ta for now.

I too was out pruning this afternoon. I think I looked less energetic than you, though.

I shall wave at every plane that goes overhead the next few days!

Kelly said...

You have been a great inspiration to me on gardening!!! Thank you!!


Unknown said...

Gardening is good theraphy for whatever ails ya.LOL how cute is that. Love ya. Lisa

Linda said...

I will be in Provence soon pulling the thousands of weeds that I know awaitme. Lots of hard work ahead. I happened to see the lunar eclipse without knowing it was coming. The moon was redish-very lovely.

TMM said...

LOL! And I mean both haha


Love you! You are an awesome person I came across today! =)


Anonymous said...

I discovered a while ago that LOL meant Laugh Out Loud but I've been using the abrieviation for years on Post Cards (long before texting) and mine means exactly as you thought...Lots of Love (usually followed by &GB - and God Bless) - and I'm sticking to it!!