Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bircham Windmill, Norfolk

This is a very unusual windmill. It is owned by a family. Built in 1846 and lovingly restored in 1970.
Not only do Stevie and Elly mill the flour but they also have a bakery on site where they make an amazing variety of breads.
They also have classes where they teach both children and adults how to make bread and a gift shop where I
 bought a lovely teapot to add to my collection.
They also have a great play area for children with sheep, goats, guinea pigs and rabbit for the children to handle.
The home made cakes in the tearoom were good too.

They also  ran a holiday cottage seen here on the right

There where six floors accessed by six separate ladders which got narrower the higher up one went.
I have to admit that after climbing this ladder I felt it was not a good idea to attempt another five with Sciatica issues.

So Alan went up and took these photos.

My only disappointment was that he did not go outside onto the platform (he's good with heights) when at the top to take photos of the surrounding countryside.
Whoever got to the top had their photo taken when they returned and it was put into an album. Alan had no intention of going back which was quite understandable for his 85 years. 


ellen b said...

How very interesting. That's a sketchy climb with that ladder. I think I might have chosen not to go all the way up.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to see a mill in actual use and to enjoy the great bread too. I wouldn't be doing those ladders though. Even one would be way to much for me. Stairs would be ok, but I'm not sure about 5 flights of those either. Glad your Alan got some pictures for us to see.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That was a very interesting visit. I suppose the original millers kept very fit going up and down those ladders all day. The gift shop and the tearoom sound just right to me . . . thank you, Alan, for your intrepid photography!

Lady Di Tn said...

Had a rough few months with health issue but I am back and really enjoyed this post. Alan needs a gold star for going up all those ladders. I would never attempted such a few and I am a couple of decades younger. Did you say collection of teapots? I took love to collect teapots and tea sets. Peace

Unknown said...

Very interesting. My great-great-great grandfather, George Humphrey, was the owner of the windmill when it was rebuilt in 1846. Prior to that his grandfather, also called George, had owned the windmill since the start of the century. My brothers and I are researching the family tree for our mother's 70th birthday, and this blog post is fascinating. Thank you.