Sunday, 15 February 2015

Duxford Aircraft Museum Part 2

Land Warfare - see how ground combat has changed over the 20th century

This part of the museum shows what it was like to be involved in land warfare, though I am sure it was a lot more messy than we see here

Field Marshall Montgomery's trailer

Had to look through the windows as not open to the public

Well that's it for now
The boats, submarines and maritime aircraft, operations rooms, memorials etc., we did not do on this visit. The airfield is such a large site and visiting museums interspersed with walking to restaurant and tearooms, by the end of the day I felt I could not take another step. Was a great day for 7 year old Oliver. I think he liked the aircraft best.


Vee said...

It is a great way to get children interested in history. War Horse was a movie I watched about Britain's involvement in WWI. Plenty of battle scenes with some of the familiar equipment I see here. It was not a movie that I enjoyed seeing, but one that I think about from time to time. It is good to know what others have done for our freedoms.

Pondside said...

The Great Dane would certainly enjoy this. Such a lot of history.

Linda P said...

I should imagine that the visit was thought provoking. It's a good way of introducing young people to 20th century history through seeing the aircraft and other displays.

Terri said...

We all love the aircraft best. Interesting that they have all these machines there. Thanks for sharing your tour with us.

Lorrie said...

Aircraft museums are so interesting. War is a terrible thing, but it's good to remember those who have fought.

Willow said...

I know we would spend a lot of time in this museum, just as we did at the Imperial War Museum in London. There are numerous similar museums in the US which we have visited. Thanks for the tour!
btw, I sent you an email last week and it bounced. Did you change your email address? Pls send me your new one.

Adrienne said...

This is an amazing piece of history. It's fascinating but makes us think of those who gave their lives to keep our freedoms. Thank you for sharing this wonderful museum with us.