Thursday, 13 February 2014

NYMANS - A Garden to Brighten a Winter's Day - Part 1

Certainly a garden  to brighten a Winter's day, while not forgetting the thousands of people in the country at present devastated by the continuing (6 weeks) of storms, gales and floods.
So many have had to leave their homes as the flood waters rise and not just coming in, but also ground water rising up out of the ground (into their homes) which is so saturated.
So much flooding in the west country and the south coast and with the cliff falling away in Dawlish in Devon leaving the railway line high in the air and twisted and eventually all rail link to the west closed on all main lines.
Now it is also the South East and Thames valley where people are being evacuated as the floods rise.
Yesterday brought 112 mile an hour winds to the Welsh coast and North West (my home town) of England with much devastation, motorway closure and people having to leave trains as travelling became too dangerous.
Now we are awaiting the latest storm from the Atlantic set to hit tomorrow bringing a month's rain overnight. All this on top of what is already there plus the continued draining of water from the hills.
For us personally it is no more than a nuisance and an inconvenience but for so many they do not know when they will be able to return to their ruined homes.
Our prayers go out to them.
It was interesting to see on TV the only way that trains could get from London to the Oxford and Windsor areas. They had to revert to the old fashioned way where the driver collected a token from a signal man before it could move (the same being done in the opposite direction) as the automated signal boxes were knocked out by the weather!  

Now taking time to look back to the Summer and here we see a special tree set up for the children who can leave a name tag on this  tree after they have completed the 
Wind in the Willows trail.

We will wander around taking photos as we go

but stopping for coffee here and later lunch

Glad I don't have to trim these topiaries

The house with all it's history which we will visit in the next post

Hubby getting in the picture again!

Part of the house is in ruins after a fire

I have had this fairly uncommon (Ilex bush) in my garden for over ten years but it is a very slow grower but I do hope I will see it nearer this size. It is a member of the Holly family.

Do hope you enjoyed the gardens
Will show you the house next time


Elizabethd said...

How lovely to see some colour and Summer,to offset this awful weather.

Vee said...

Too many suffering there for sure. Are Christians rebuking this nastiness? I have a friend who says that we need to be because if we don't get good practice how will we do more difficult things... My friend is an interesting gal.

So, on the heels of weather woes (we're in the middle of a Nor'easter), it was very pleasant to take a stroll through this beautiful, formal garden. I shall be happy to take the house tour as well.

Needled Mom said...

The rains have been relentless for you folks. I wonder how those beautiful gardens are doing now. It is fun to look back on summer.

I wish all the best for those who are impacted by these storms.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for your first hand report of the storm damage in your country, Barbara. I add my prayers to yours: for restoration and safety for those suffering loss. There are just a few clumps of snow left in parking lots after we were snowed in for four days. I can hear a chorus of frogs out at the ponds, and I am encouraged by your lovely garden photos...Spring will arrive...eventually :)

nikkipolani said...

Oh, to see summer gardens again -- what a delight!

Anonymous said...

I think it is Gods work, and that all people all over the world are called to repent. I really do believe that! The weather has been "strange" in Sweden as well, but so far nothing like your trouble. Though we may be punished in other ways.. Then I hear people around me complaining about the weather, too warm, too much snow, too something and I think, oh it could be so much worse. We´re not at war, we have food, clothes and roof over our heads. Church of Sweden has a lot to answear for I think. And your photos are very nice!! Makes me long for goodness and safety.
Gods peace
Ann-sofie Kassberg

Terri said...

Lovely gardens - so nice to see flowers blooming. Thanks for sharing them.
Feast or famine... we are having a drought so bad this year that they are telling us to shower less and only water once a week. Please send us all the excess rain.

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear of all the devastation caused to your lovely country by the violent weather. The gardens are very beautiful. We have such an unusual amount of snow here this winter that it's hard to visualize my garden ever being green and lush again.

Balisha said...

I was reading the next post and then realized I hadn't read this one about the gardens. So glad you directed me back. Loved these posts full of beautiful pictures.
Ihope the weather changes in many places in the world. We've had a horrible winter. Can Spring be any better with all the flooding we will have? I wonder.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Joining you in praying for all those people being impacted by the storms and floods. The summertime garden is stunning. So much color everywhere, and I always love to see that. My favorite photo, though is through the stone archway.

Lorrie said...

This looks so lovely, Barbara. Such welcome bright flowers on grey winter days.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those in England who have experienced such loss and devastation with the storms. It's been such a winter for those on the Atlantic Ocean.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of our record breaking winter....your garden photo's are just what I needed to remember, green grass and flowers will come again soon! I so enjoyed them.

Lori Zehr said...

Beautiful gardens!