Monday, 16 April 2012

A Garden Interlude and...........!

There has been a lot of hard work in the garden recently due to the time of year
A lot more to come due to a number of changes
For now a TEST for my dear blogging friends

Do you see any difference to the garden in the 9th photo here?

And on an entirely different note
I have never watched the TV series Doc Martin
Knowing that Doc Martin was the name of some footwear I never even checked it out
then I hear it mentioned in a few different places including on an American blog
Next I read that the doctor who is medical adviser to our daily newspaper was very involved, not only advising on set but also supplying the medical story lines.
Apparently every single one of them are based on real situations
So, off to Amazon where I was able to buy a set of all 5 series
at the handsome price of £20 (aprox $32)
Decided to begin watching Saturday evening - I was hooked and watched 4 episodes of series 1 in one sitting! It was only the lateness of the evening that brought my viewing to a halt

For the uninitiated - a brilliant surgeon working in London develops   a phobia of blood
He moves to Cornwall and becomes a general practitioner in a beautiful seaside Cornish village where the locals generally live a slow and simple life compared with London
One feels sorry for Doc Martin as he tries to adjust
He is a brilliant doctor but has no people skills or bedside manner so it takes several episodes before he manages to endear himself to the locals and become accepted and loved
Of course it is a comedy and the scenery is great
How am I ever going to fit in about 60 hours of viewing!


Terri said...

Sounds like my kind of show! After a long day of gardening, you deserve to rest. Put your feet up and watch... Enjoy!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The garden looks good Barbara. I like the long view from the bottom up to the house!

Ah, you've discovered Doc Martin at last! Very entertaining...I think we are up to series two on TV over here...I could be wrong. Just discovered him myself several months ago.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thinking that you did some clearing out and made a little pond there. Not so sure, but your garden is lovely. If I ever see that series I will be watching it. It sounds like Doc Martin is something I would like too. Rainy days are good for keeping us inside maybe you'll be able to view it all then. It's windy here and keeping me indoors as things are flying through the air. Not safe at all. Hope your Monday is a great one!

Vee said...

I flunked the test. I see forsythia (I believe) blooming there along with a great many things.

We enjoy watching Doc Martin on PBS. He certainly is an interesting character. I liked the show where he made the entire town sick.

Lori Zehr said...

Beautiful pictures!

Midwest to Midlands said...

Such a nice variety of color in your garden and I can see there is a lot of work. Lucky you with a pond. I didn't notice anything specific in the picture. I haven't watched Doc Martin, other than in passing, but will take more notice when it comes on again. Isn't it great you can buy the shows so you can watch it all the way through?

CherryPie said...

You have a wonderful garden. It looks like a nice place to sit and relax :-)

Susan said...

Your garden is always so beautiful.

Cheri said...

Beautiful garden!

talesfromagarden said...

Your garden and shrubs look fantastic and so well cared for too,love the pond as well.You have a large area to look after,lots of hard work!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We love Doc Martin and watched the whole series. Perhaps I should look for the cds so that we can watch it over and over again.

Joyce said...

I just sent you an email but came here to take a re-look.
I finally saw what I think is different in photo #9. Did you add some pea gravel (as we call it in the states) all around your red bush??

Also....we LOVE Doc Martin and have watched that show for several years. I missed the last 2 weeks episodes due to odd commitments those evenings but my friend taped them and Don and I will go to her home and view them and catch up!
Talk to you soon...

Scriptor Senex said...

Conicidence again - I discovered Doc Martin about three weeks ago. Brilliant.

I'a assuming you haven't moved your Photinia Red Robin but could that be gravel I see?

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Sorry, I'm sure I missed something in the 9th photo, but the images are wonderful!

Haven't seen Doc Martin yet, I'm behind on my tellie watching, and we've only just discovered the Big Bang Theory. Which makes me pee my pants! LOL.


La Petite Gallery said...

The Garden is beautiful. Spring is here I can tell you a a spring lover, my last visit to London was the late 80's, love it.
I watch Doc Martin every chance I can he is a hoot. Good stories, I like the Vet guy too.
Enjoy the flowers and thanks for info on the Doc.

Willow said...

Is the tall white flowering tree gone, cut down? Other than that, I'm not sure what's different...

Loving the views of your spring garden!

nikkipolani said...

Hmmm, I'm not good at these tests... but the garden looks like its usual welcoming place with foliage and beauty galore :-) I haven't heard of Doc Martin and am glad to find out about the series -- for later, much later!

Lorrie said...

I think I've failed miserably. Does the change have to do with the photinia?

We love watching Doc Martin. I feel so sorry for him sometimes. British dramas are the best - Inspector Lewis, Born and Bred, Monarch of the Glen. I'm so pleased they are shown on our "Knowledge Network" - equivalent to public broadcasting in the USA.

momto8 said...

oh your garden is beautiful! I love the colors and the water. you must love spending time there! gorgeous orchids!!

Balisha said...

I'm not familiar with Photoinia Red Robin, but it looks like it has grown a lot. Also the pea gravel shows in the 9th picture.I think you have really stumped us, Barbara.
I haven't watched Doc Martin, but you sound like me when I was watching Downton Abbey a little while ago.I watched two seasons in a matter of days...I was hooked. Have fun watching...maybe I'll join you and watch it from here.

cgodonly said...

I love your garden! Simply Beautiful!

a woman who is said...

I flunked the test too, but I am as alway jealous of your orchids! Just beautiful. I am sitting here on a bright sunny morning trying to gear up for a day in the garden myself. Things are way out of control out there. I have been so busy with all sorts of other hoopla. I will have to check out Doc Martin as both you and Sara have given it a recommendation.

Have a great weekend!