Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Last Week in October

Late October always seems a dreary time in the garden but if one looks more closely the colours, shapes and textures defy that notion

From the garden it's off to the farm shop

Where the influence of the USA is apparent

Back home with 2  new deliveries in the post this week
Having had my last mobile stolen in the burglary
It's a Blackberry for me this time
another sharp learning curve!!

and these more than  wonderful slippers made in Australia
made with genuine Shearing - the wool of a special sheep

I won't be showing the other 2 deliveries expected tomorrow
Alan's first Laptop and a new digital HD tv for the dining room

Then there is the card I made for the wedding we attended yesterday

I am always mesmerised at the gifted voices so many West Indian people possess

Another amazing voice - did not want her to stop

and now I think it is time for me to stop for afternoon  tea
with cupcakes from Barbara's kitchen


Priscilla said...

I have the same Blackberry Curve, and I love it!
What a fun wedding. You know such interesting people.
I attended a wedding last weekend, too. First one in a long time.

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Your garden and yard has done well for this time of year. And now, enjoy all the new technology. extra hour of sleep for all your Europeans tonight. Sleep tight!!! We wait until next Sunday in America.

Shawn said...

Hi Barbara, Your garden still holds so much beauty. This is the first year in a long time my family has carved pumpkins and hosted treaters, in hopes of being blessing to are neighbors. Do you have trick or treaters come to your door? All the best,

Kay G. said...

Love your photos from your late October garden. Also, love the photos from the wedding you attended, that wedding gown is beautiful! You and your husband look quite happy, like you were having a jolly good time!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your garden does look lovely for an October day. Very little is left blooming here, but there are still a few tiny roses on the bush. Our Hosta plants in the front have turned a beautiful shade of gold. They do make a cheery sight on a dreary cold day. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

Michael said...

Love the pictures, and so agree about such singing. Wonderful. You looks great and content there with hubs in hand.

Of course i love the way you end this post. Dreamy.

Scriptor Senex said...

There's certainly plenty of colour left in your garden - it looks lovely.

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely wedding, and how elegant you looked.
It is so lovely to have colour in the garden still. The shapes of the bushes are equally beautiful, even when the leaves begin to drop.

Needled Mom said...

Your garden is just gorgeous still, Barbara. It's had to think that tomorrow is the last of October when I look at the pictures of what is still in bloom.

A Blackberry? Yes, a new learning experience for you. Have fun.

So sorry that our Halloween has spread to your country. Do you get trick or treaters too? When we lived there it was all about pennies for the Guy!!

Your card is beautiful and will be a real treasure for the happy couple for years to come. You do such a nice job on them.

It was nice to see a photo of you two!

Vee said...

Beautiful garden, enchanting wedding...thank you for including photos of your beautiful self and you with your handsome hubby. Loved seeing them.

Now what is the influence of the USA? Blue Hubbard squash? ☺

nikkipolani said...

Well, your garden doesn't know about dreary October days! So nice to see a few late roses, too. Best wishes for your new gadgets ;-)

Lori Zehr said...

Another wonderful post! Looks like a beautiful wedding! Your garden still looks great!

Lorrie said...

The light in October seems to make the last blooms of the garden even prettier.
What an amazing selection of squash at the market.
The photo of you and Alan at the wedding is just lovely! I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes.

Camille said...

I woulld love to know what that is in your garden in the very top picture and in the 10th picture from the top? Maybe crabapples?? It brings such color to the garden... So pretty!

Hope said...

Such a lovely garden!

Willow said...

Your garden is beautiful in any season, Barbara. Autumn's colors are so vibrant.

Lovely wedding :)

AM Zafaran said...

Your garden is always soo beautiful. You make a great couple in the wedding photos. Have been away for some time, so it was a pleasure to revisit your blog. You may see that I have renamed my blog....experimenting and learning! :)

c. Joy said...

Your garden is beautiful. Mine still needs a bit more weeding and cleaning - the first frost is due 'any minute now.' Thanks for taking us to a wedding. Happy November.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

My husband just got the Blackberry for talking to work, and he is liking it. WOW so many goodies! it must feel like early Christmas.

xx HUGS Lorraine xx

Deb said...

Beautiful Autumn garden, everything is so lush and alive, truly a place filled with love.
Enjoyed the farm market too all those lovely gourds and pumpkins and the card you made lovely so many talents. Those slippers look nice and warm I think I will browse the web for them.
Thank you for sharing.

Bev said...

Your garden is lovely even in the fall, the slippers look so warm, and the wedding you attended must have been beautiful, as was the card you made!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is just beautiful!
Best of luck with the Blackberry.