Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dunster Village, Exmoor, Somerset

Dunster is a breathtaking medieval village crammed with history, beauty and atmosphere on the edge of Exmoor national park.
Cecil F. Alexander wrote the hymn "All things bright and beautiful" here in 1848.

You will be seeing some random photos taken as we walked around the village and up and down the main street.

As you can see the pavements here still have the original cobble stones.

We choose The Castle Hotel for lunch and these photos bring back memories of Alan tucking into a fine lunch while the best I could manage with my recent dental surgery was sausage and mash.

 Cute tea rooms opposite the hotel

See the castle (last post) behind the trees

The Conygar Tower behind the trees at the opposite end of the village

Lots of shops and exclusive galleries selling gifts and toys, hand-made confectionery, clothing, designer jewellery, antiques, second hand and new books and local arts and crafts.

The old Yarn Market
Once the trading centre of the village and surrounded by houses that were once occupied by affluent merchants 

Hope you enjoyed your visit and the next post will show our last visit of the day before making our way back to our cottage
Definitely one of those walking days


Pomona said...

It's a most beautiful village - a really lovely place to visit!

Pomona x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That cobblestone was made to last. I'm always amazed to see such historic places in such good repair. Lots of wonderful things to see there. Hope all is well and you've been enjoying these last few days of summer. It really feels like fall here.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There is definitely a lot to see and do there. Looks like you had good weather too. I notice Google is fooling around again with Blogger and when one clicks a photo to enlarge it, up comes a slide show with every photo in your post! I hope they are only testing that out; I prefer the previous method.

Terri said...

Sunshine and a quaint little town to walk and discover - that's my kind of fun. Thanks for the chance to see it. Always look forward to your posts, Barbara!

Shawn said...

Hi Barbara, Thanks for sharing! I long to visit England one day.

All the best, Shawn

Camille said...

Love the cobblestone and little shops. Hope to visit England one day. Thank you for the photos.

Elizabethd said...

I feel as though I have shared your walk around Dunster...lovely!

Bernideen said...

Barbara: I loved this post and All Things Bright and Beautiful is a favorite. The little girls in Anne from Avonlea sang that every morning at the Girls School where Anne was a teacher. We sell a CD in my shop Olde English Hymns and it is the first one so I hear it often and thank YOU FOR SHOWING US where it came from!

Trisha said...

Absolutely lovely, charming, and delightful.

Vee said...

You'll have to return so that you may enjoy a delicious meal there, too. A lovely community with a lot going on. Hope that commerce was going well. Those cobblestone sidewalks must be a challenge to walk on. I'm noticing that I'm having trouble walking up and down my own drive because it's gone wonky. I can't imagine walking on cobblestone.

Cheri said...

These photos were stunning, Barbara.

Bishop Stone said...

Thankyou for sharing, I always love to see your blog. There are just somany wonderful places to see.

Lori Zehr said...

Yarn market? That intrigues me!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Barbara.... I haven't visited for a while, hope all is well with you and Alan.

What a glorious day to visit Dunster, I have enjoyed my tour immensely.

Take care. Marion

Arlene said...

I went to Dunster many years ago, my husband and I used to have Archery as a hobby, and they held their tournament there, Lovely place