Wednesday, 27 April 2011

London on an April Sunday Pt. 3

Could not decide which photos to post as it is so close to 'the wedding' but here is a little of Westminster Abbey and 
St. James Park
for those who have asked if I will be going into London on Friday, the answer is NO.
Already today (Wednesday) people have begun to camp along the route and the ones we saw on TV were from Canada
The best view in my opinion is from the TV screen

Westminster Abbey in the centre of the picture

The Back of the Abbey

Westminster school to the left

looking through to the courtyard

beginning to put the scaffolding up for the media
This wedding is said to be having the greatest media following ever worldwide

We have left the Abbey now and are passing the
Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, part of the Supreme Court

and walking along Whitehall, we are about to turn down King Charles Street, past the Foreign and Commonwealth office on our way to St. James Park where we will eat a picnic that we have just bought.
Downing Street is the next road along but that is for another day

Looking back

and into the park

The toilets across the lake
They are free
Most toilets in London cost 50 pence to use 

Pelicans on the lake

nearing the Palace

One can see the eye from many places in London

The park is certainly busy on a warm April Sunday
(double clicking you will see just how many people are out there)

If you are wondering why I am  not 'visiting' as much as usual
I have a brand new computer
a top of the range 17 inch laptop
and a 23 inch HD monitor and wireless keyboard so that I can use it also as a desktop
Because it is so up to date, everything is new and different so as I am learning, especially Windows 7, it all takes longer at the moment. Even the soft touch keyboard is proving an issue with my long nails!
Not to mention  getting everything off my old machine 
Even the new E-mail account is daunting
I am sure that in a few months I will be wondering what all the fuss was about (I hope so anyhow)


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Barbara...I agree with you...the best view is from the TV screen, and that is where I will be watching with great interest! I watched the 1981 wedding so I certainly could not miss this one.

I remember many of the places you have shown us today! Of your photos I think my favorite is the one with the beautiful tree full of white blossoms, and the gold statue gleaming in the distance.

Vee said...

Every change brings challenges! You'll be an old hand soon enough. Your new laptop sounds amazing.

Somehow I just knew that you wouldn't be completely enthused by all the hoopla nor am I. I'm not waking at 4 in the morning to watch, though I will be curious to see the replays.

Still I wish you all a happy wedding!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful pictures from London and the weather looks glorious. I do hope it holds up through Friday.

So...they are expecting an even larger crowd than the one for Diana's wedding and funeral? Amazing! Yes, I agree....the TV will be the best viewing area.

talesfromagarden said...

Lovely photos Barbara! I will be watching all day on Friday,I agree the best view is from the tv,no heads in front of you and in the comfort of your own home!I am sure it will be a real royal occasion,nobody does pomp and ceremony like England,I love the uniformity of the various guards and the music too!Enjoy the day!

Lori Zehr said...

Lovely pictures--as usual! I am so excited to see as much of the wedding we can via tv! I remember the wedding of Charles and Diana and how much excitement it generated! I still have a book about it. Many of us Americans find this so interesting! I can't wait to see the event! London looks lovely!Thank you for sharing!

a woman who is said...

I have two regrets when we visited London. I did not get into Westminister Abby, I just saw the outside. Beyond words! And I missed getting into the London Museum. We were at the end of our trip and the Tower of London won out for Dan. I had drug him to way too many gardens. I did get to see the crown jewels however. Amazing! Your country is so charming to me.

La Petite Gallery said...

Thank you this gives a better perspective when I watch it on the TV. Can't believe the TV hipe it's on every TV station in Maine. Must be a madhouse for the security. They are a beautiful couple. I will be watching at 4Pm. yvonne

Trisha said...

Beautiful pictures, Barbara! Thanks for sharing them. I think you will love your new computer in no time. I like to take mine to our little backyard park, as we call it. Have a Blessed day.

Gwendolyn said...

Thank you for the pictures. Of course, we here are watching things unfold in the media, but this is great having firsthand pictures and our own private reporter! That involved a LOT of work, especially considering you are getting used to your new computer. Appreciate you!

Mike said...

I agree Barbara, the TV is best. I'll be there on my sofa! Hope you enjoy :)

Pomona said...

It always takes a while to get used to new technology - I have always had Apple Macs which are a bit more user friendly, and so it is not such a trauma having a new one. I am sure you will soon be swimming along!

Pomona x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be watching on TV on Friday too. Best view like you say! Hope you soon learn to love your new computer.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I watch a show tonight on all the things to prepare for the wedding. Interesting.

Betty said...

I'm one of those odd Americans who has been up all night watching the wedding!

I just commented to my husband as I was clicking your blog, "I wonder if Barbara is in the melee...then you answered "NO!"

I appreciate all the pictures and descriptions. They help to understand what I've been seeing on TV.

I thought the wedding was spiritual and beautiful.

Marion and I have been communitcating through the night.


Anonymous said...

Between your wonderful posts and some internet news, I feel I've had a good "view" of the royal events. It's been so good to hear all the different ways the Word was spoken in this special event.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos and information.

Your future Queen is not only beautiful but she seems to be a genuinely nice and kind person.

Your country is truly blessed :-)

Joyce said...

Ms. Barbara.....YES! Finally after a crazy week I am feeling better. Is it just always "something??" Thank you for asking though.
Also...I was wondering myself if you would be around the Abbey on the day of the big WEDDING! But you probably had a better view where you were! HA!
Your photos are fabulous as always...keep up the "GOOD WORK!"
Be blessed....Joyce

Lady Of Virtue said...

My first time to your blog- I love it... Last June we visited England and I am enamoured- I could live there!!! It is so good to meet a sister in the Lord. God bless, Nicol

Annie Jeffries said...

I love my view from the livingroom too, Barbara. Best seat in the house. I just do not understand the appeal of being in such a crowd but apparently it's very common because - well - you saw the crowds too. Insane, but insanely happy too. Happy times for all.