Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Has Fallen Snow on Snow

A way for house church to share the Love of God in the community as well as shopping for, and checking on the elderly.
This was some of our house church caring for us as we then went on to care for elderly neighbours not thinking of ourselves in this category!

And then the next day it was all back again
This has been the difficulty in this current cold snap
After the snow lots of ice forming and then snow on top has made for hazardous conditions
It is now Friday and we have not been able to get the car out since last Monday. Living on  a hill does not help, especially when it is used for sledging
We are having a high of 28f today with 25f forecast for the weekend.
So unfortunately we were not able to travel to see Janie and dear little Oliver and Rebekah after all. 

At least we can enjoy the garden without going out into it, except of course to feed the birds


Needled Mom said...

I am so sorry that your trip to visit the children had to be cancelled. That is a LOT of snow. We saw pictures from London this morning on the news and it was amazing. Stay warm and safe.

Elizabethd said...

There are so many good neighbours helping out now, it's good to hear.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the ice and snow!
This is definitely "stay inside" weather. :-) Beautiful!
God bless,
Anne x

Vee said...

Well this must come to an end, don't you think? You can't be holed up for the entire winter. I am praying for milder weather. Snow on snow is all very good for songs, but when your community isn't prepared for it, it's just nasty. Love how your church family thinks! What a loving thing to do to get out and help others with shoveling.

Deanna said...

Dear Barb,
The snow is so beautiful when I can stay indoors and admire it's beauty from a warm interior.

May you have a precious Christmas Season.
God bless.

Patsy said...

Makes one wonder what will the rest of winter be like when it gets here on the 21 of December.
Stay warm and careful

Knitting Mania said...

This looks like our world here in Montana. I have to admitt Barbara, we are enjoying this winter season...haven't been in snow in many years. We walk in it everyday. I suppose we'll be sick of it by March though...LOL


nikkipolani said...

Barbara, so glad your recent tests have come back clear. I've been meaning to write, but... well, you know how it is. Glad, too, that you have such kindly people to help dig you out -- not that it lasts with the amount of snow you all have been having! Stay warm and cosy :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara, How heartening to see such community spirit in action. Often these difficult times do bring out the best in people. A pity that you were not able to make your visit, but I do so hope that you are keeping safe and warm indoors.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It is certainly magical to look at. And makes for wonderful Christmas carols too. Enjoy the warmth and safety of your home and the love and care of friends and the beautiful change in scenery....while it lasts.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is all white with snow here too, but not like what you are experiencing. We are well able to get out and about. Take care and keep warm!

Michael said...

Well, Barbara, it DOES make for a perfect Christmas Tea! :) I d o find it most extraorindary how much snow Britian has it seems compared to growing up adn into my young adult life. I only remember it snowing twie in London--both times little more than half a centimetre or so. I always wanted it to snow at xmas--of course, it never did.

that is so good waht your group is doing, getting out there. It is a GREAT way to show God's love to one anothr, isn't it? i do that with my neighbours early in the morn.

Now, how woudl you handle a 14 inch snow dump in one snowfall as we can get here in Colorao along the front range. now, in the mountains it can snow 4 feet in one day! Whoa. funnily enough, most of the time it is totally dry here and yet people think of it as always snowy--a misnomer on par with London;s so called constant "fog"

Balisha said...

I've been watching with interest the news about the snow in your country. I hope it lets up soon. "knowing people" through blogs makes us more aware of what is going on around the world.Take care...Balisha

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

This must be quite unusual for you to have such weather this early in the winter. (Or is it still fall?) Just be safe and warm. No need to see if the bones can break.

Anonymous said...

Could you set up Skype with one another?

The most important thing is staying warm. Our postman when we lived in Wales would make a point of knocking at the doors of the elderly on the remote farms and chatting to them. He was great! He would even take post and them let them know what it had cost the following day. A real community service. I dare say that if he knew folks didn't have a freezer with bread he would bring that too. It's at times like this you do see a real community spirit in action. :-)

Adrienne said...

I love the way we find opportunities to show God's love and grace through our actions. I'm so sorry you couldn't see your dear ones. Safe safe, my friend.

Joyce said...

So proud of you all and your little church! Do take care to make sure everyone doesn't over do it in the snow and with the your husband! HA!
Enjoy your cold weather...we never will have snow like that. But it's okay...
Take care and stay warm.

bristowmom said...

Reminds me very much of my last winter. (In fact your neupighborhood even looks a bit like mine!) I am not sorry to be out of that sort of weather this year!

It's wonderful that people from church helped you to clear the snow.

Annie Jeffries said...

I saw the picture you posted on FB too, Barbara. I was stunned by how much snow there was. I even showed it to Don while he was driving. Well - not quite - I made sure he was at a stop sign first. LOL He had the same reaction I did - "Is this usual" for your area?