Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I Am Not Ashamed

Today in the UK (1st December) begins a nationwide campaign where thousands of Christians will be wearing this badge, and for some they will be wearing teashirts bearing the logo and more.

This links in with a world wide initiative for Christians
to stand up and be counted and proclaim
I am Not Ashamed  to wear this cross.
You will see more from the link if you have not heard about it.

Photo taken when I woke yesterday morning
It then snowed on and off all day and is a lot deeper now
but nothing like the 12 inches or more that has fallen in the
North East
With so much ice and arctic temperatures roads have been gridlocked and many lorry drivers were stranded overnight on the London orbital M25
Our dinner guests last night had to cancel
leaving us to enjoy the food ourselves over 2 nights
This does not bode well for our planned trip to spend the day with Jane and grandchildren when she returns from
New York on Friday
For now, we are going to brave the weather and walk to our local shops to get some milk for housechurch here tonight (everyone lives within walking distance), unable to get our car out onto our icy hill at the moment


Anonymous said...

Dear Barbara, It can, sadly seem 'uncool' to be Christian but I have always thought that what is needed is to show a Christian spirit wherever and whenever one can. It may well be very surprising to see how many people are also not ashamed to wear the cross.

The weather is indeed very problematic and I do so hope that you are keeping warm. It does look lovely though!

Lorrie said...

Your garden is so pretty in the snow. Staying home and enjoying the view seems like the best thing to do. I hope Jane's arrival is not hindered by the weather.

I haven't heard of the "I am not ashamed" campaign until now.

Needled Mom said...

I have not heard of it, but will go check it out.

That is quite the scene in your garden. Oh my!!! It looks much prettier than it feels, I am sure.

Susan said...

LOVE the pin. What a great idea. Keep us posted as to the results of this and whether many do it. I'm going to follow the link and learn more about it.

Glad the snow is there and not here :o) With all my many trips back and forth to Suzette's and to Dr. appointments I am truly believing for the mild and dry winter that is being predicted for our area.

Elizabethd said...

We are walking too, the village has been under snow since Sunday!

Vee said...

Barbara, I've not heard of this initiative. Thank you for mentioning it. Oh my! The weather there has been frightful. So glad that you'll be carrying on this evening with everyone walking. It kind of takes one back to a good old-fashioned time. Stay warm and cozy!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful snow picture!
Thanks for the link. I'm going to check it out. I make a point of saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS OR HAPPY CHRISTMAS" to all the shop keepers in the stores that tell me "Happy Holidays". Have a little button I wear too. :-)
Bless you,
Anne x

melissa said...

Love your snow picture... :) And about the 'I am not ashamed' button. I wasn't aware, but will definitely look into it. Thanks for that!

Elizabeth said...

Such early snow!
What does this presage?
Loved my virtual visit to Cambridge below.

La Petite Gallery said...

First off, before I forget. What is that tree in the court yard, all
knarled. ??
You better be carefull and stay home. This is not the time to fall on ice. We haven't had a storm yet, but it's dropped to 20 degree and today about 4o. No snow on the coast. Take care stay warm and
I am proud i am a Christian,
yvonne (Catholic)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The snow is pretty! I do like the idea of the Christians taking a stand with the badges.

Unknown said...

Hello Barbara, that badge and link is something new to me here, and my goodness, look at all the snow so early,,or is it normal. Our weather is a bit cooler but only because its monsoon and nothing else. Happy week.

Aqeela said...

I think its a great idea to let people know you are Chrsitian with something as simple as a badge. Its very easy to distinguish most Muslims with our headscarfs or beards (hopefully not together, lol) but very hard to know who is Christian. I think more Christians should stand up and proclaim their faith!

Aqeela xx

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you for sharing the button; this campaign has not been mentioned least not as far as I know. Maybe I just missed it somehow.

Your snowy garden has a lovely winter beauty, but I know snow can be a problem too. I can just imagine you and Alan walking to the local the musician and I walked that same road once or twice during the hot summer of 2009!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Would love to have one of those pins. Could not find them on the web-site!

Michael said...

Not hear dof that campaign before. What is the drive for it? Soudns good.

Anonymous said...

Stay warm Barbara. Here on the NW coast we have had some hard frosts but after the rain last night all is normal again. Hopefully the NE coast is getting some of that rain too. I've been reading about some places stranded with shops running out of necessities.

Annie Jeffries said...

I loved seeing this Christian proclamation, Barbara. Shame on those who try to shame us. God love you all. Annie