Monday, 12 April 2010


How nice to leave behind the coldest Winter for over 30 years and have a taste of Spring with some colour in the garden. The extremely wet and flooded conditions mean that I am way behind in the essential early Spring maintenance so there is a mixture of enjoyment and hard work out there at the moment. I am interspersing this with bouts of Spring cleaning indoors. Both of these tasks I have always found satisfying but I am noticing there is less energy as the years pass and this I find frustrating. I am having to learn to take breaks!

Easter was enjoyable and Janie and her family stayed overnight as her central heating had broken down leaving them with no heat or hot water which was initially trying in the beginning with a baby to keep warm as at that point it was still hovering around freezing over night. It was the first time I had my young Grandson Oliver come and jump on me to wake me up. That was precious although I am sure his Mum and Dad are not so keen on that early morning activity.

Life has been busy, and the weeks seem to fly by and it is the time of year when I look at the list of things that I was sure I would have completed over the Winter and have not done so. Motivation, application and concentration seem to be in short supply over the Winter for me. I am fine with physical tasks but many of the mental tasks, of which there are many, are still awaiting my attention.

Did you know that Blackbirds love fruit. They finish off all our apple cores and the grapes that are past their best. Spring Greetings to everyone.


Lorrie said...

Spring greetings to you, Barbara! How lovely to see all your garden plants in the first flush of spring growth.

This new yard that we have needs much pruning and effort. We spent Saturday outside, weeding, moving plants, pruning severely and pulling out. All these things, like spring cleaning and garden maintenance, take time. Enjoy the process!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can so agree with everything you have written. I too am busy with splitting my days inside and out. There is an overflow of things to do at my house right now. And I need to take those breaks in between also. I do not do half what I used to and it takes me twice as long. No matter though, it is just great that winter is finally over!

bennie and patsy said...

It is wonderful to have lovely flowers and roses soon with lots of color to look at. The white and gray days were not fun any more.

Vee said...

Oh my! I'm laughing because I just finised a "blooming" post for tomorrow. Yours is a true blooming post. We had a mild winter and an early spring so I can only imagine how much you enjoyed getting your garden back. Oliver sounds like a sweet love of a boy and you sound like fun grandmother. (Any grandmother who enjoys that sort of an awakening must be.)
Happy cleaning and happy gardening and happy grandmothering!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
God Bless you and may you have a refreshing week.

I think your pics are great. What a nice sight to see especially after a very cold and long winter.

Our trees are leafing out. Beautiful early spring flowers have popped through the soil.

I love this time of year!!!
d from HomeHaven in the middle of the Kansas Prairie

Vicki said...

I am from the Midwest in the US. We were in London and the Cotswolds just a year ago. Fabulous time. I happened upon your blog quite by accident and it is fun to read and learn while we live so far apart, how much we all have in common. Our gardening, grandchildren and most important the promise of Salvation in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep posting!

Willow said...

Happy Spring, Barbara! I am catching up on blogs and loved your post about Leigh-on-Sea and the African singers--beautiful music in a beautiful place.

Enjoy your time in the garden.

Anonymous said...

How I know what you are talking about. The winter was too short with most of my projects undone. Especially some serious housecleaning. In Ontario Canada we had the mildest winter in possibly 30 years. And it's time to get outdoors, cleanup, doctor my roses. Mowed the grass for the first time today. For me it's the physical energy that's in short supply. Mary Horst

a woman who is said...

I saw on Facebook Jane was still with out heat and hot water. Poor thing. That must be a great trail with the babies.

Your garden looks so fresh and lovely after all that rain you had. It appears your garden was happy with all that moisture. We are still waiting on the irrigation to be turned on. Things are dry here and I have been hand watering a lot just to keep roses alive and canes from drying out. So I am off tomorrow to plant my new roses that just arrived today. They tell me the water should come on this week.


Mike said...

Lovely garden shots... I intend to get out and do some gardening today! Enjoy the Spring Barbara :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the berengia, forsythia etc.
So interesting that our spring comes so much later but quicker! I think I prefer a long cool spring,
For instance the daffs and the forsythia are over but the wisteria is out already.
Last week when we took Henry James for a walk along the Hudson it was a freakish 90'F

Back to normal now.
All best wishes to you and Alan.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Barbara

Fantastic pictures and lovely garden! I love springtime--everything comes back to life and so green.

I am glad to know you had a nice Easter with your family.

Have a great week!

Tracy :)

nikkipolani said...

Oh Oh Oh! Look at all that vibrant colour in your garden! I'm glad the cold wet winter is behind you. And hope that the rains have made your garden spring up even faster.

Melanie said...

Barbara, thanks for visiting my blog. It made my day! I'm looking forward to reading your whole blog a little bit at a time! I live in Lynden, Washington in the U.S. close to the Canadian Border. I planted some seeds today: morning glories and moon flower. They both are a first for me! I love flowers! Thank God for sunshine, gardens and flowers and the energy to take care of them!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your garden is waking up. Like you I've had a lot of work to do out there. Luckily Daughter helped me a lot with the heavy stuff. Spring cleaning is going on too. I posted a great non toxic way to oven clean on my blog. Works as well as Mr Muscle but none of the fumes.

I think now we finally have some warmth I am Spring cleaning in earnest. I have a list and am tackling a thing a day from it. |It keeps me focussed.

Kate said...

Lovely photos Barbara as usual - Happy Spring Fever to you!!!

Sara said...

It's lovely to see the color returning to your part of the world. And seeing those grapes, my mind immediately flashed back to our visit last year because I watched the blackbirds enjoying some with my very own eyes in your very own garden!

Bernideen said...

How lovely these views of your garden! What a delight to visit your blog!