Thursday, 10 December 2009

On The Ocean

In going through 50 years of photographs for a slide show to show at our Golden wedding I came across many that would be fun to post over time. Here I begin with photographs of my first year of married life, at sea with my husband, sailing up and down the Eastern Seaboard of Canada, America and Mexico, sailing to many ports on the way. Just a random few and quality not too great as they have been scanned from old transparencies.

The full ecstasies and agonies of this trip are told in a chapter of 'My Story', found by clicking on same in the right hand sidebar under 'labels'.

Yes I am steering the ship - but not for long!

Sailing past The Bahamas

The Mexican Gulf

Lifeboats were good for sunbathing!

On the beach in Mexico

Dolphins love to dive ahead of the ship

Taking a noon time sight of the sun - for navigation

The Queen Mary passing us on it's way into New York Harbour

The tranquility of Nova Scotia

These are the aunt and uncle of the second mate on the ship who lived in White Plains, New York State. When they heard that there was a lady on the ship they invited us to stay with them every time we docked in New York. No sweat shirts and fleeces in those days - suits and suits only!

Linda on the right was the daughter of the ship's agent and her friend on the left. They travelled from Halifax to spend some time with me.

We swam regularly in a disused quarry in Nova Scotia

Mississippi river boat

Yours truly with the second mate and his aunt

Seaplane gas station on the Mississippi

So much time spent gazing ahead (until the camera showed up!) Beleive me the sea was not always this calm, especially when there were hurricanes around!

Beautiful Fall in Nova Scotia but unfortunately faded in the ancient photo

The husband, Alan who was Chief Engineer on the ship. Alan had always been on large oil tankers but when I met him he was again at college studying for 9 months. In order to earn some money when we got married he took a posting on a small cargo ship.

The ship high and dry in the Bay of Fundi where the tide goes out for 3 miles.

This is a very small cargo ship and it would be hard to describe what it was like being 'hoved to' in the middle of the Atlantic in the worst weather Alan had ever experienced in 9 years. It took us 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic from the East of England, then around the Northern tip of Scotland to Nova Scotia.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Barbara, I did not realize your Golden was so soon. Ours is not until April 2010. What an exciting life it must have been to be on the ship with your hubby. HH had to go away one night to be examined for the army, after we had only been married about 5 months and I almost died. He did not pass do to a heart problem that has never caused any problems. Those red ribbons on my bed pillows are on the extra pillows. I just took the shams off and used the white pillow cases I won from Marilyn. I have been busy doing all my hand made gifts and have missed visiting you. So glad you came by.

Winifred said...

Those photographs are wonderful. Did you copy them yourself from transparencies. I have lots but haven't a clue what to do with them.

What wonderful memories they must bring back. Happy Golden Wedding. Now are you going on a cruise to celebrate?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures and memories. I love seeing the clothing of the time...we really did used to dress up alot. It is so very different now. It must have been a very exciting time for you.

Mike said...

Great stuff! Fascinating :)

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Barbara, Happy Fiftieth. These pictures are like a time capsule of a by-gone era. You two made, and still MAKE I'm sure, and very handsome couple.

Bernideen said...

Now these photos were really great!

Willow said...

What amazing adventures you two have had@

Linda said...

Aren't you glad you did that? And aren't you glad you don't have to do it again? It would be really interesting but I couldn't take the sea sickness myself.

a woman who is said...

Barbara these were just so much fun to look at. How much adventure and fun you and Alan had. Can't wait to see more. I might have to go back and reread your story.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...


Thanks for sharing your pictures and this part of your life with us readers.

I love looking pictures and learning about people.

Tracy :)

talesfromagarden said...

hi barbara,
thanks for your comments to my post recently!
these photos are gorgeous!I love those full floral dresses of the time and you look stunning in your sailing gear travelling to far flung places!Great adventures to look back on that slide show will be great for your guests to watch!

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

What an amazing start to 50 years of marriage. I truly enjoyed this.

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Yes, please tell how you transferred the transparencies onto your blog!!

Kate said...

Oh Barbara, What a stunner you were in your youth! I just love the clothes in your photos - my sister had a dress very like one of yours - all full skirt with nets under... I used to love it - but the fashion had gone when I hit my teens!

Wonderful photos!!!

Wright Family said...

Great photos Barbara. 50 years of marriage! Congratulations! What is the date of your anniversary? I didn't realise what a well travelled couple you both were.

La Petite Gallery said...

I love those photo's.
After all they say so much.
You are a lovely couple.
MY! time fly's by so fast.
By-th-way if you swim in the quarries in Maine, you may encounter eel's or leaches
You have had such an interesting life.
This Holiday season

nikkipolani said...

What a fun theme of all the oceans you've crossed, the cities and ports and people you've visited. These are fantastic photos.

The one you said was faded is lovely in its way. So dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, Barbara! You looked just like a beach model! Very lovely, elegant, fun, and classical. I love to see earlier photos of friends, because then when you look into their faces now, you can somehow REALLY see them...really see who they are. You are lovely still. Thank you for sharing these gracious and nostalgic photos. And congratulations on your Golden!

Knitting Mania said...

Wow...what great fun to see you and Alan in your first year of marriage. A stunning couple that's for sure. Really enjoyed seeing your photos.

The "Queen Mary" brought back some memories. Pat and I married in 83' and we spent one night on the ship during our honeymoon, it was docked in Long Beach CA at the time. What a wonderful experience! We stayed in one of the 'officers quarters' and had a amazing dinner on board. I need to find those photos and scan them. The ship was haunted (so they say) we didn't see any ghosts. LOL

Great post!

Betty said...

What memories the pictures brought back... when you wrote 'the Barbara and Alan Saga'...I think you are the bravest woman I know!

When is your Golden Anniversary? Ours will be, Lord willing, June 19th, 2010.

Thank you for visiting...I was so blessed to have a safe trip to and from New York. A murder occurred this week in Times Square where our Hotel Muse was located.

Merry Christmas to you and yours...Betty

Pomona said...

I love the clothes you wore - they are so, so stylish and chic! Why can't you get clothes like that any more?!

Pomona x

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I love these pictures. You could pass for an actress. I love how neat these pics are. You must have had so much fun and adventure. What great experiences!

Adrienne said...

What wonderful memories of great adventures for a beautiful young couple. And now you look back and see how God has brought you from those days to these! Thanks for sharing your photos and your memories. ~Adrienne~

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Barbara...I loved looking at these photos and reading your reminiscences. To me the young Alan looks a bit like the Italian actor, Rosanno Brazzi...I knew he reminded me of someone, and I finally figured out who!