Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More Of My Artwork

While on the subject of my art work around the house, here's a few of a different kind.

Illuminated Lettering on this paper weight

The gold is done with gold leaf

Combination of watercolour and calligraphy

A poem I wrote when my cat died

done in calligraphy and illuminated lettering

An interesting composition of the word PEACE

Calligraphy and illuminated design

A prophetic banner

painted on silk with silk paints for our House of Prayer

A charcoal sketch
Calligraphy was an art form that I really did enjoy - so relaxing, but I did eventually give this up too and passed on all my equipment. One needs a very steady hand for this lettering and as there are so many different alphabets and strokes it is essential to practice every day.
My teacher was a Master Calligrapher who often did work for Buckingham Palace and even at her level of expertise said that she MUST practice every day and that it took about half an hour to get settled and relaxed enough to produce good lettering.
I have too many interests and hobbies for that level of committment so again it was something I enjoyed for a season.


Lorrie said...

What beautiful and meaningful art you have created, Barbara. Simply lovely. I've dabbled in calligraphy, but like you, find that there are just too many other things I'm interested in to devote myself to it.
But yours is so well done.


Sue said...


You truly do such LOVELY work...in so many forms! Enjoyed your poem for your cat...Our beloved dog (Shih Tzu) is entering older age and I keep pushing thoughts of when we no longer have him out of my mind...

You enquired about physician coding. I think it is an international system for reporting medical conditions. In other words, when the doctors see patients, there are certain ways of documenting the visits and then each procedure performed and each diagnosis has its own particular code that we use to bill the insurance, Medicare and Medicaid with. I am pretty sure we will ALL be using the same system once we all get socialized medicine. NOT in favor of it...just saying it is probably a given for the future. Do you know if your country uses "CPT" and "ICD-9" codes in your hosptials and doctors' offices? I had to take and pass a 5 1/2 hour test in order to be a "certified" coder. That was NOT fun!

Carol said...

You're extremely talented Barbara. These are all beautiful.

Needled Mom said...

I have always admired calligraphy and yours is just lovely. It is so hard to settle on one hobby when you enjoy doing so much.

Patsy said...

Great hobbies.

Vee said...

It was delightful to take a closer look at all the seasons of your creativity. I am interested in so many different things that I, too, move on after "a season." I thought that I was just weird, but I'm not going to say that about you. ;D

The poem written for your cat...awww, if I had the talent, I could've written that about some of my feline loves.

a woman who is said...

Hmmm we seem to have many of the same interests my friend. Love the sketch and the calligraphy. It is fun to have at least tried your hand at some of these hobbies even if you don't have the time for them...now what else do you enjoy??? =)

Andrea said...

Barbara, these are all beautiful! I am amazed by your talent. And everything is so uplifting and inspiring.

Many blessings to you.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Lovely calligraphy...I never had the patience to master that particular talent!

Willow said...

I think there are seasons for everything. You are talented that you just need more seasons!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your work is beautiful. I love your calligraphy. I didn't realize you were so creative. Very very nice.

Aqeela said...

Ive said it before but il say it again, i just love your watercolours, i think you should scan some and print them into postcards or greetings cards - and that will fit in with your card making hobby too!

Aqeela xx

Merisi said...

A bow of admiration and respect, Barbara, you are such a talented person!

Barb said...

Hi Barbara,

I have been catching up. Your newest addition is an Angel baby. The picture of Oliver and his sister is one to be treasured.

All of your artwork is breathtaking. Girl, the Lord gave you lots of talent. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Just lovely!


nikkipolani said...

Gorgeous beautiful work, Barbara. I read your poem to Sandy with interest and it made me think of my beloved Nikki. I also loved the beautiful watercolour behind the storm quotation.

Anonymous said...

I think it is good that you have tried so many crafts/arts because it means that when a task needs doing you have a wide base of skills to draw on.

I admire you for using gold leaf. My hands shook so much for fear of it blowing away that it very nearly did. LOL

Tea Time With Melody said...

Oh my you are one talented lady. All your pictures and drawing, watercolors etc are just beautiful. I have always wanted to learn calligraphy. I thought when my kids grew up and left home I would have scads of free time. What happened to it? I can't seem to find any.....