Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Blessings in the Post

A lovely surprise in the post today. I won the Giveaway over at Nanna's Reflections through her 'The S G Notebook' blog which can be accessed through the SG link on their sidebar. You will see that SG stands for Speakable Gifts and visiting the blog will explain just how Maxine and Beverly are reaching out to children in order to affect their lives in a Godly way. The giveaway is a very fine junior Scrabble with a two sided games board. I will enjoy playing these games with my grandchildren when the time comes. So thank you Maxine and Beverly.

Isn't she sweet - Rebekah at 3 days old. A very good and contented baby Janie tells me. She has posted a lovely picture of herself with Oliver and new baby sister which will not be on line for long if you want to go over and visit her.

Now to my garden. My Crab apple tree has come into bloom. This is a pretty old tree. It was here when we bought the house 32 years ago and it looked pretty ancient then, but for many years we had masses of blossom and Crab apples which we used to make either Crab apple jelly or Crab apple wine. The wine tasted like a Rose. These days we just enjoy the limited blossom that it produces. We have toyed with the idea of removing it but always end up leaving it for another year.

Seen here with the green and gnarled trunk which looks interesting against the pink

Seen here with a couple of aircraft in the background. If I had a professional wide angled camera you would see that there are 6 aircraft in view. We live under a stacking system as well as different levelled flight paths so when the sky is clear, at certain times of day,I can count numerous planes in the sky.


Needled Mom said...

That little baby looks perfectly content and happy. What a blessing! And...the photo of the three of them is just precious.

Your crab apple is beautiful. I can see why you have now taken it out yet.

There are so many great games to play with the grandchildren and it is so much better for them than any computer or television. I know you will enjoy playing with them.

Lorrie said...

The picture of Janie with her two children is so sweet. You must be a very contented grandmother!

Crabapple trees are so pretty when in bloom. They are brighter than many apple trees. I can see why you keep it.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The little one is such a beautiful baby!

Your crabapple tree is so pretty all in bloom like that. I'm glad you have not cut it down. The pink blossoms are quite lovely. Crabapple wine sounds delicious....too bad there are no longer enough apples for you to make it again.

Looks like you are getting some span from China on your comments; I've been seeing it around lately.

Maxine said...

You are indeed so blessed! I know firsthand what a blessing those little grands can be. Enjoy, enjoy! And the garden photos are gorgeous!

I'm sure you'll have many good times with the game. I know the kids will love it.

Thanks so much for your kind words about SG. We really do appreciate it! Come visit us often.

Beverly said...

So glad you received the game, and I hope you and your grandchildren will enjoy it!

Your new granddaughter Rebekah is beautiful! May God bless your family.

Beverly from SG

Susan said...

So wonderful you won Maxine's give-away. She is one of my favorite bloggers. She has such a sweet, caring spirit. I had seen the newborn picture of y0ur new granddaughter. This 3 day picture is really precious. I know the joy she is going to be to you.

Are you familiar with Rodney Howard-Browne? Boy his meetings were powerful!!! I got to attend 3 of them. Wanted to attend all 5 but had prior obligations and responsibilities.

Mike said...

That colour is so vivid...beautiful. I don't live under a stacking system but sometimes I can also see many planes coming in for landing!

Willow said...

What a lovely sweet baby!

We used to live under the approach to LAX and I could sit in my family room and watch the planes turn on their approach pattern and go right over us. They were high enough I couldn't hear much but it was very interesting to watch.

Isn't it fun to play with the babies!

Vee said...

Sorry about that...I zipped outta here so fast that I didn't even say hello. Thankfully, the wonderful photo was still up. Janie looks so beautiful and beautifully happy with her adorable children. Yes, Oliver is a handsome little boy and Rebakah is just precious. Oh boy...happy times!

I can't imagine that you and Alan have been considering removing that tree. It's gorgeous!

Congrats on your win...that game looks like a good one. Perhaps Oliver will be ready to play in a few months. ;>

Vee said...

Rebekah, of course! I got typing way too fast.

Judy said...

What a beautiful, sweet baby. Congratulations on the birth of your precious little Rebekah...and blessings to you all!

Don't you just love spring...and all the blossoms? It's worth keeping your old crabapple tree just for those blooms!

Deanna said...

Dear Barbara,
Your Grandchildren are precious. Your lovely daughter looks extremely well for just having had a baby!
Pictures of your tree are beautiful.
We bought our house about 2 years ago. One of the backyard trees looked completely dead and bore no fruit. It was after a brother-in-law suggested that my husband cut the tree down. Hubby laid hands on the tree and prayed. Next year it bloomed and bore lots of fruit.
I want to send my Brother-in-law pics of the "DEAD" tree.
God surprises me at times, usually with the whimsy.
Blessings to you.

Paula said...

HUGE Congrats on your second granchild. What a beauty. I love her name.

Elizabethd said...

Oh gorgeous baby!
My crab apple (photo on my blog) is now completely white and looks like a big fluffy meringue!

Winifred said...

Isn't she lovely!

What beautiful photos of you tree. It's so lovely seeing these portents of summer.

Carol said...

Cute and happy baby!! Lovely.

Your garden looks great and the crabapple tree is beautiful. We have quite a large garden which has alot of green in it and we are just learning about plants, etc hoping to introduce a splash of colour.
Bless you.

Kate said...

What a beautiful baby! And your tree looks so nice - how could you think of removing it?

Anonymous said...

Your crab apple is so beautiful against the blue sky. Rebekah is so pretty. You must be over the moon. Congratulations on the junior scrabble. Great game.

Mary said...

Glad you liked the rag rugs. Thanks for coming to my blog. Love the crab apple tree. We still have snow here in the Dakotas.