Friday, 11 July 2008

Real Life and an Award

I have received this Arte y Pico award again. This time from Amongst The Oaks. Thank you so much I am again honoured. It is awarded for blogs that "Nourish and Enrich the Spirit and show Creativity, Dedication, Art and Joy." As I have already passed this award on before, I am sending it to one person this time. The award goes to Christi at Charm and Grace Cottage as I see her blog as being all of these things.

Now to some real life that was not particularly artistic nor joyful. Having struggled with a lot of pain this week and feeling quite low as a result, I went off for my weekly swim yesterday afternoon. I went for a parking space that was close to the walkway (for no other reason than choice) and to get into this space one has to drive over a hump. As I drove over the hump I did not take into account the 'children crossing' post and drove right into it. I think the weight of the car bouncing over the hump caused me to smash the front bumper/fender.

I felt frustrated and upset at doing this so decided to not go for a swim after all and just drive home. As I was driving out of the car park on a one way system, a car suddenly appeared directly in front of me, driving at a fast pace. I stopped my car only to have this guy force me off the roadway in order to get past. He was very abusive and aggressive and feeling the way I did it upset me some more. I felt a wreck when I got home so rather than wallow in my feelings I called a friend and neighbour from my house church to ask her to pray with me. I was feeling so angry towards this man. I knew during our prayer time that I had to forgive this man but did not feel like and did not want to, but I also knew that 'in faith' I could at least thank God against everything that I felt.

On returning home I got to wondering why the episode with this guy had upset me so much, and I realised that I was furious because I was in the 'right' place and the guy was in the 'wrong' place and yet he took control in the situation and got his way - so unjust. God began to show me that there are no rights in the supernatural, only good and evil and I became aware of what was behind the behaviour of this guy. Seeing that and knowing that it was God speaking to me freed me up into being able to let it go and to speak out a blessing on this guy and pray for him. It does not make what he did right but it stops the enemy having his way in trying to pull me right down.

So thanking God even when it is a struggle, and the last thing we want to do, releases something in the spirit and breaks that hold that Satan wants to have over us. So was it a bad day after all, not really as I learned something worthwhile.


Barb said...

Hi Barbara,

Christi is so deserving of the award. I really enjoy her blog.

I am so sorry that your day was so horrible but there was a silver lining after all.
Your post was very powerful and a good lesson for all of us.


Charm and Grace said...

Dear Barbara, I am so sorry to hear about your mishap and subsequent soreness. I am praying right now for you to feel better. I really appreciate your honesty about how you dealt with this situation. I have been there often, and recently have really questioned why the wicked seem to prosper so much. Although I don't understand it all, I know that ultimately He is in charge I continue to trust.

On a happy note, I am so thrilled to receive the award from you. (Thanks to Barb, too, for her sweet comments.)


Teresa said...

I love the yieldedness of your spirit to the Holy Spirit, Barbara. I am so glad I know you. Praise God, for his goodness and mercy and love. I am sorry you had such a day, but am praising God, for how he showed you a dynamic spiritual truth in the midst of it all. I too, struggle with people doing wrong and taking charge. I have never had it revealed to me that there is only good and evil in the supernatural. It is true what you say, we are not fighting flesh and blood but principalities. I am walking through some water I don't want to walk through right now and your post spoke directly to my spirit. I am not a huggy type of person, but if I were there and you were okay with it, I would certainly embrace you just now. Thanks, for this Word!

Adrienne said...

Hi Barbara -
I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. And then to add a tough day! But it's wonderful when God steps in and brings peace to our hearts in the middle of a struggle. He is our peace! Even when we know we were in the 'right' place!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I always love to hear from you.

Willow said...

While reading this my heart just went out to you. I know those days and the times when I don't WANT to forgive and I appreciate your openness to write about it as it helps me think through my responses.
God's blessings and encouragemetn to you, my friend!

Linds said...

Barbara, I am just so thankful you were not hurt badly. I think your grace found through prayer, is a wonderful lesson for us all.

Vee said...

Congratulations on your award! Your blog is certainly all that and then some.

Wow! This post really spoke to me, Barbara. These unjustices are ongoing in our lives and to see what the Lord was teaching you in the middle of it all helps me to understand it a little better. Thank you for articulating it all so well and for being willing to share in such an open way. I just love you, hope you know that!

Praying that you are feeling much better physically, too. Take good care!

Elizabethd said...

so hard for you Barbara. What a horrid man that must have been, and how wonderful that God guided you to a plce from where you could forgive the wrong he had done you.

Lavinia said...

What an insightful post. I am very sorry that you had to go through the types of experiences that you did today, really, it was too much to be dumped on anyone.

That man is a menace and a danger to society. He deserves to have his license revoked. The graveyards and intensive care units are full of people like that, and unfortunately, too ofen, their victims.

Here in North America we call it 'road rage'.

Barbara, you did the right thing by calling a friend and praying. When things are beyond our control, there is only one Being to lean on....our Lord.

Lavinia said...

Congratulations on your award, it is very well deserved. Your blog is a thing of beauty.

Susan said...

I have come to realize nothing happens but what God "allows". He doesn't "cause" it but does "allow" it and always because He has his purposes behind it. Some times we see and recognize God's purposes some times we do not that is when faith really steps in.

a woman who is said...

You were so smart to get prayer right away. I know I get into more trouble when I try sometimes to endure or get through a trial on my own. Don't you love the body of Christ? What God shared with you was dynamic and powerful. Thanks for sharing it with us. I do hope you’re feeling better physically too!

Lorrie said...

Hi Barbara,

I'm sorry you've not been feeling well. Your experience shows how much of a teachable spirit you have. We all have days like yours and need this reminder that God's grace is available at each and every moment.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara

Hope you're feeling a little better by now. Thank you for sharing your observations and enlightenment on your experiences. Not easy to do at such a time but I'm sure there are many of us 'out here' in cyber space who will have been taught a valuable lesson.