Saturday, 12 July 2008

Computer Problems

You may, or may not remember that a few months ago I bought a new wireless keyboard and bluetooth mouse. I originally bought Microsoft hardware but had problems with my computer recognising it so took it back and changed it for Logitech hardware which was what I had been using all along.

The Logitech keyboard and bluetooth mouse has behaved in the same way and to this day we have not been able to solve the problem. Today my son in law came over and spent hours trying to fix it. He found a forum on the internet which showed that many others were having this same problem. It seems to be down to Microsoft and a conflict of drivers, or something like that.

Anyhow the upshot of all this is that after installing and uninstalling several different keyboards and mice, my computer will now not recognise any of them so I am unable to use my computer at all. My son in law has plans of what he will have to do to fix the problem but it is time consuming and he lives an hour away and also an hour away from his job in the city, so I do not know how long I will be without my computer. This will of course seriously affect my blogging.

I am typing this on my husbands computer. Fortunately I have everything backed up on my external hard drive so if it is very long and drawn out it is possible to connect that to Alan's computer in order to access my photos but I sincerely hope it will be fixed in the not too distant future as I have mountains of work I need to do on my computer apart from my blog.

Being used to high capacity specifications and software on my computer I don't have the same scope on Alan's as his is very basic but I am grateful that it is better than nothing. Difficult to deal with total abstinence once one becomes a seasoned blogger, as I know you all know.

So for now, blessings to everyone and hope you have a good weekend. I was blessed to have a day playing with Grandson Oliver.


Willow said...

Oh yes, I understand! I'm so sorry! I hope all the problems will be fixed soon. Thankfully, you have Alan's computer for surfing!

We didn't go inside Southwark Cathedral, just walked past it many times. We kept saying, We can't do everything. Next time!

Vee said...

I hate computer troubles. It must feel as it used to a hundred years ago to be stranded for days in a blizzard.

Take care, don't fret, it'll all get straightened round.

Oh, I just recently had problems with the automatic updates that Microsoft does and my firewall...Zone Alarm...they're not compatible at all so I've had to give ZA the boot.

Charm and Grace said...

Oh Barbara, I totally empathize with your computer woes. I've been using my son's computer since February. I pray yours will be back in working order very soon... we will all be in Barbara withdrawals if you are forced to take long breaks! LOL! Just know your bloggy friends will by here to greet you when you are able to post.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello problems are no fun at all! I know you'll be very happy to have yours back in working order, and may that be very soon.

And I sympathize/empathize deeply with your car incident(s) in your previous post....sometimes there do seem to be more bumps in the road (figuratively speaking) upsetting things than usual. But it is a blessing you had a friend to call on for prayer and support. God is good.

Lavinia said...

I hope all the computer issues get sorted out soon. Having just gone through something similar---my computer was out of commission for weeks...I do sympathize.

By the way, I love your grandson's name. There is something so noble about "Oliver".

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor poor lady, no computer, what dreadful news! I'm kidding, but it is really hard when you have become-one with your keyboard.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Computers can sure be frustrating! I am sure all will be right soon enough!

Paula said...

Thats the worst. I hate computer problems too. Glad you've got a a backup hard drive and hubby's computer to use.

Linds said...

I know all about computer problems, and I also know what I feel like when "cut off" from the outside world! Thank heavens your husband has one you can use. Great you have an IT whizz in the family! I hope you get sorted soon.

Susan said...

So sorry to hear this and yes I understand.

Teresa said...

I hope all is up and running smoothly, soon. Have a great time with, Oliver. I know you will.

Elizabeth said...

Thank heavens for Oliver!
Yes, computers can drive one quite wild with fury and misery.
We have had good luck with our Apple computers but that is probably 'famous last words'.........
Our son is a computer whiz and very patient. My husband is not patient!!!
Anyway we look forward to more pictures when you're up and running again.
I count on you to keep me up to date with Essex!

Susie said...

Hi Barbara,
So sorry to hear of your computer woes. It's amazing how dependent we become on them, isn't it!
Meanwhile, enjoy your time with Oliver.

Kristen said...

I can understand about computers...wonderful and frustrating!

a woman who is said...

How fun you and Oliver had a day together! I still can't believe how wonderful this grandmother thing is, our precious little ones. I have found that what ever my troubles for the moment seem to be, just hugging on Puddin Toes, makes me smile again deep down, all the way to my toes! She is just now starting to talk and say! Oh I just become a puddle :0)

Sorry for all your computer woes.

Boy I had a lot to catch up on around here. Congratulations on the blog award, by the way.

Shammickite said...

Computers are wonderful creatures when they behave themselves, but as soon as anything goes wrong.... I'm completely lost!
Good luck, hope things get better very soon, meanwhile enjoy young Oliver's company!
PS I have a great-nephew called Oliver, and it's also my son's middle name!

Needled Mom said...

How terribly frustrating! I had the same problem with my mother's computer. We finally got it up and running for her. You would think that they could have figured it out with all the problems that people have had.