Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Worst Storm in my Living Memory

Just 1 hour after posting my blog yesterday saying that we were having some sunshine after so much cloud and rain, we had the worst storm that I have ever experienced.
Our garden is a wreck but we are fortunate as we are aware that there are many thousands in this country who will not be returning to their homes for a long time.

I have never come across this before. The hail stones were so large that they tore through the leaves of trees and shrubs and have left them looking as if they have been eaten.
The leaves obviously will not recover at this time of year and I am hoping that this damage will not cause disease to take hold.The hail stones even stripped paint off the painted benches.
Just a few 100 yards away the lightening broke up the concrete pavement.
I had not seen lightening like this before. There was so much fork lightening that it was bouncing around and looked like 3 or 4 strikes at once.

This is how it started as the hail stones began to rain down

Looking out from upstairs

The hail stones have melted but look what it has left behind

Flooded borders

Flooded lawn and garden

The pond has overflowed and we don't want to lose the fish

My footprint in the hail stones on the Patio
In being such a keen gardener I have always said that one can plan and work and do one's utmost, but in the end Nature has the last word.

I will now be gone for a few days. We are off to have a City Break in Oxford.
Photographs there will be.
Have a good week everybody


Naturegirl said...

UNBELIEVABLE photos of the destruction Mother Nature can leave behind! Such a shame.
In my area of Canada we have
been experiencing very high temperatures and very little rain for the last month! Yesterday the clouds came over and we had threats but nothing happened however there were surrounding areas reporting hail the size of golf balls!!

Anonymous said...

Good Grief that was one awful storm but at least you and the fish are okay! Have a wonderful few days away and I'll be back to see the "dreaming spires".

Jeanne said...

I am sorry for all the damage from the storm.
Blessings my friend...........
After every storm a rainbow.
I will miss you
Hurry back.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Barbara....

I am amazed at the devastation caused to your garden. We've had dreadful rain, day after day, but nothing compared with what you have had to contend with. You have my heartfelt sympathy Barbara, I know, as a garden lover what this means. The leaves of your plants look as if they have been attacked by some ferocious plant eating beetle and if it wasn’t for seeing the leaves and flowers, your garden looks like a winter wonderland. Those hailstones came with a mighty powerful force. This really is freak weather we are having. If it had to happen, then I’m pleased that you were at home.

Your footprint in the hail stones is such a poignant message for us all to be mindful of the carbon footprint we are making in this wonderful world of our. Mother Nature is upset!!!!

Barbara, have a wonderful few days away. If you get to visit Winchcombe, Glos (lovely castle there by-the-way, its where Liz Hurley got married), say hello for me, it’s my home town.

Safe journey & God Bless. Marion

Susie said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for visiting me today. Goodness, what a terrible storm you've had. Even through all the destruction I can see that you have a lovely garden. Hope the plants and fish make it through all the damage..

TO BECOME said...

Barbara, I feel so bad for you.My heart is sad. I know it must have been a fearful thing to have been is such a bad storm. Lighting is not one of my favorite things and hailstones to boot. My, My. It must have been hurtful to watch all the damage taking place but you know it will all come back stronger than ever and more beautiful than before. Have a good time away from home and enjoy yourself as your spirit heals. connie

lorenzothellama said...

Oh Barbara how awful for you. As you said, other's have had it worse. The trees and shrubs will mend. Perhaps if you prune them down a bit new shoots will start.

I do hope you have a lovely week away and when you return you will be able to face starting the repair jobs. Also it should have dried out a bit. Let's hope so.
Love Lorenzo.

Rosemary said...

Wow Barabar,
You weren't kidding. That is unbelievable. So sorry for all of your garden.


Linda said...

Doesn't that sort of damage just make you sick? I came out one morning after a big thunder storm and not one flower or leaf was left on my big pot of geraniums. I did get to see all of Wimbledon but was worried for a while there.

Lorrie said...

Oh my, what a storm. I can hardly imagine it. It makes me think of how fragile are our lives.
I hope you have a wonderful few days away and thank you for your comments.
I enjoyed seeing your garden from the upstairs perspective. It looks like you've created a lovely, peaceful place to enjoy creation.

Kylee Baumle said...

Oh Barbara, that's amazing! I hope nothing is permanently harmed.

Anita said...

Oh no! What happened to your garden!!!??? I am so sorry for your to see all these damages!

Don't give up hope, I wish you lots of energy to clean everything!

Best wishes from Germany,

la bellina mammina said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about the storm and what it left behind. We had very, very heavy rain but never experienced a storm nefore.

Anonymous said...

It's almost unbelievable, these terrible pictures of the storm and hale you had! I am so sorry for you and I know how you feel (we had the same three years ago, in summer. There is quite often hale here in our region!). One could cry seeing all the wrecked plants which have been cared for so many years or months. I do hope, that at least some of them will recover. I wish it for you!

Susan said...

Hi Barbara, Kids still asleep (praise God!!!) so I got to take a minute and come over and see whatyou commented about. Oh this is terrible. I am so sorry.

Isobel said...

Oh my gosh Barbara, what a mess. I am glad that the fish and you survived unhurt. We had a storm similar to that about 6 years ago, it came close to being a tornado, the temperatures dropped about 40 degrees in 20 minutes, and the sky was so black you would have thought it was midnight. I think global warming had caught hold and won't let go. It snowed in the capital of Argentina yesterday, the first time since 1918, England is having terrible flooding and storms, the rain and flooding in Texas, and high temperatures all across the US and Canada. Your lovely garden, it must be heart breaking for you. I know that in time it will return to its beauty.

Mary said...

Hello Barbara - I found you via sweet Betty (Country Charm)and just want to tell you how sorry I am to see your beautiful garden damaged by that severe storm. I know the weather has been terrible - my cousin in Teignmouth has been keeping me updated. I'm from Torquay and will be home for a visit in Oct., hopefully the weather will improve by then!

I love your photos and will visit again to read more. Enjoy your break - I'm off to a North Carolina island next week - please visit me at ACROSS THE POND when you have time.
Best wishes. Mary

Anonymous said...

WOW, I've never seen hail that size. I am so sorry that you had so much damage to your garden.

Betty said...


Just a line to tell you that I selected you for a Reflection Blogger Award....Details on my Saturday blog.

Unknown said...

Barbara, since I have been on vacation I have not heard news for a couple of weeks. I had no idea of the damage and the trauma of your storms. I am so sorry for all of you. I am glad you are ok. Your beautiful garden saddens me to see it so beaten down. I know it will recover but not quickly I'm sure. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I've been in Italy in lovely weather, totally unaware of your storm. What a disaster. I am thankful you were not hurt in any way.

Merisi said...

So sorry to read about this catastrophic storm, but relieved to read that you and your home are safe! I hope your week away gives you a really good respite and the garden has started to recover somewhat by the time you come back home.
I send you a large piece of the blue sky we are enjoying here (we have had a terrible storm some weeks ago, that cost several lives, but great weather since then).

Sigrun said...

Oh my! How terrible! The poor garden!
Is something damaged at the house?