Sunday, 15 October 2017

October in the Garden Amongst Other Things

We have just had our house painted grey.

I have had grey on my mind for a long time and it had finally got to the point where we could leave it no longer as the old paint was peeling off in places.
Then suddenly everywhere we look houses are being painted grey. 
It seems grey is a current popular colour not only for the outside of houses but also inside walls and furnishing.

The old garage door is soon to be completely renovated. We are having the wall bricked up and putting a window in and eventually a wooden floor. It's never been used as a garage but a very handy store room and part office.
So as we already have an integral door into the hall this change will make a big difference.

So, garden news - sadly we are in the process of destroying all of my Box shrubs that I have in pots.
They are suffering from Box Blight that is rife in the country.
I have nurtured them as topiary fro a very long time.

So empty pots abound. I am planning to plant four patio shrub roses in the four largest pots and have been re-potting my herbs into the smaller ones. It does not feel quite as bad if I can make good use of the pots.

The dreaded Box Blight

We are progressing with the removal of shrubs down the left hand side and hopefully it will not be too long before the area is turfed.
I'm looking forward to a lot less work next year.
I need to sort this before I hit 80!

On a lighter note a little colour from today's garden

Life has been hectic with indoor bathroom renovations, outside painting and re-planning the garden on top of general living but I do want to visit my blogging buddies to see what everyone has been up to recently.


Janneke said...

Your house looks distinguished in grey Barbara, very nice. So sorry for the box blight, I have not yet seen it in my buxus but also in our country box is suffering of blight. Succes with all the renovations.

Elizabethd said...

How very chic your house looks. Grey is indeed a popular colour and looks very calming.

Vee said...

The house looks very nice! My daughter chose grey for her new home’s color. If I were blogging, I could share. The plans for the garage sound lovely, too. I am sorry about the boxwood blight troubles. Seems as if there’s blight everywhere. I had to tear out my Bolero lilies this year...Asian lilies and very much affected by those terrible beetles. Now I must say that your orchid is blooming beautifully, I think I am killing mine. It has stopped blooming and the stem is drying up.

Lorrie said...

I've liked grey in home decor for a long, long time, well before it became popular. I do like the colour of the exterior of your home. There are a few house projects going on around here, too - a new deck railing for working on on sunnier days, and a new gas fireplace. It's installed, but Tim will do the finishing work. Of course, it seems that one project causes another...

It's too bad about the box blight. I hope it stays on your side of the ocean, for I have just planted two new box plants in large pots at the front of the house, and I have two more in the back. Roses are good option, too.

Have a good week, Barbara.

ellen b said...

I really like the shade of grey you chose for your house. Very nice. So sorry about the blight. We are on the cusp of a bathroom renovation that I'm not looking forward to living with but there you go...
Hope all goes well with the renovations.

CherryPie said...

Your house looks clean and fresh with its new lick of paint.

It is sad you have to destroy your shrubs.

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Barbara!Your blog is beautiful as ever!Love your grey house and your pretty garden!Hugs!Maristella.