Saturday, 5 August 2017

My New Shower Room and more.......

Been taken up these last couple of weeks 

Turning our old shower room into something modern and easier to use and clean

We removed a floor to ceiling linen cupboard in order to accommodate a larger shower and I am now needing to find new homes for all the linen 

Also I have virtually lost my airing cupboard as we needed a much larger pump for the power shower. This involved new pipework and plumbing inside and out

I love my new tiled floor. We find cleaning so much easier in our new bathroom (2 years ago now!) so wanted to do the same again

I'm also pleased with my new blind

and we have used water board for the shower so no more cleaning of grouting on tiles

Looking to the future we have added a seat

and now there is a nicely plastered wall instead of my linen cupboard doors
So glad the work is over
I have also been dealing with a tooth problem where one of my teeth broke off at the gum. I had to have the gum opened up as the root needed to be removed. This entailed the gum being opened up and when it came out it was surrounded by bone so taking longer to heal up than a straight forward extraction. I'm getting there.
Hopefully will be back to Norfolk posting next time as with Windows 10 it is still a pain and time consuming to transfer photos from i-pad to PC. They are all in the cloud but Blogger will not let one retrieve photos from there, nor from i-pad, it has to be directly from PC.  


A Brit in Tennessee said...

A lovely new shower, we are facing the same remodel project, but honestly not looking forward to the mess :)
The seat inside the shower will work well.
Sorry you are having tooth problems, especially the kind where they have to go into the jawbone and do more extensive work :(
Hopefully all will be healed soon.
Beautiful day here today, no humidity, feels like an English summer day !
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Elizabethd said...

So sensible to have a low level shower, steps can be dangerous. Seats are a good idea too.

Deanna said...

Happy for you. Wonderful shower!!! Looks very nice. It is a blessing to have this finished.

Deanna said...

I'm sorry for your tooth issues. May you heal.

Needled Mom said...

You will love the new shower. We did it a couple of years ago and it is so much easier to use now. It looks so nice too.

Hope the tooth feels better soon.

ellen b said...

Good thinking on your new shower design. I do hope your gum heals up well and soon.

Adrienne said...

Your new shower room is nice. I'm sure you will enjoy it every time you use it. Adding the seat was a wise idea.

RasmaSandra said...

Congrats on getting the work done. Your bathroom looks great.

Winifred said...

ooks like it's well worth the effort. Looks very swish!
We had laminate panels put into our new shower to make cleaning easier The tiles were lovely but the grouting was the bane of my life!

Hope your mouth feels better soon.

Vee said...

Very wise to anticipate possible future needs and easier cleaning is always a benefit. Hope that recovery after the tooth removal continues well. Sounds gruesome!

Ag said...

Your new bathroom and shower are beautiful. So wise to think ahead and add a seat!
I love the seagull that is sitting above your sink.
Good luck on the healing of your tooth and root extracting, anything in the mouth can be so uncomfortable.

Charm and Grace said...

Oh, this is lovely. It reminds me of the shower room in one of the houses I stayed in while in Northern Ireland. Not all showers in the US have the lift-off handle like yours and the one I used across the pond. Such a beautiful shower you have with the lovely tile and so smart with the seat. Projects like this are always so inconvenient, but they are so worth it once done. Happy for you!