Monday, 1 May 2017

Bits and Pieces on May Day

I have fond memories of May day when I was a child and how different life was.
I remember one particular year when I was about 8. There was a May procession for the children in the road and I was chosen to be the May Queen leading the procession.
Previous to the day the children sat outside our house selling things we had made and anything that we could get our hands on that was no longer wanted. In other words a 1940's garage sale for the kids.
We then used this money for a little party in the street.
How I wish there were photos but there was no such luxury during the war. 

Back to modern days and a wedding card that I made for a friend's daughter last week.

My new i-pad Pro purchased on Saturday. It has taken some time but I now have all 80 plus apps from my old one installed and running.
Alan will have my old one and as he has never had one before there will be new learning curves for him.

I was just thinking how quickly time flies when coming across this picture when going through my computer albums.
Having a quick lunch in Marks and Spencer last December with our friends Don & Joyce from Louisiana. I first met Joyce as a fellow blogger and this was their third visit.

Lastly but not least Oliver and Rebekah having made it to the centre of the Hampton Court Maze last week.
Rebekah now 8 and Oliver 11 in July.


Patsy said...

Yes when we were children simple things made us happy.
I have been waiting to get the new Apple I- pad.
I love my I-pad sorry to say this (thing) I don't want to do with out in my life now.
Grand children are growing up so fast..

Louca por porcelana said...

Hi Barbara!Love your memories and your beautiful card!Your grands are lovely!Hugs,Maristella.

ellen b said...

Nice old memories and new memories made and stored in IPADs!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have some great memories of May Day too. Hope you have a lovely month of May !

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Barbara! I have not checked in for awhile, but just had a good one-sided visit with you as I scrolled though your posts I have missed. I'm glad you have found a way to post your photos again. I am impressed you navigate facebook. I visit it, but rarely post anything, and feel I miss out on a lot of news from those I follow, because I have not figured out how to get their news into my newsfeed...then there is the issue of time set aside to do either! I am sorry that your mobility is challenged. My knees complain about going up and down hill, but I'm so glad when I can swim which thankfully is not painful. I have not been coloring as much as I would like to either, but this past week I brought up a photo of a bouquet of Sunflowers on my iPad Pro and then tried to make a watercolor painting of them. My painting was wonky, but fun to create non-the-less.
Peter's mountain climbing must have been an awesome experience! Our sweet grands are growing so rapidly, and I enjoy seeing your photos of yours. Allen is doing a brilliant job on your garden path! Blessings on you and yours. xx

Annie said...

Hi Barbara,

I think you already know this but I'll bring you up to date.

In the midst of a huge change in my life, I am also slipping back into blogging and paying attention to old friends. Don and I are leaving California in 18 days. We sold our home and are moving to SE Missouri to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Exciting times ahead.

I also have a new blog to reflect this new circumstance. It's called "A California Girl Meets the Bootheel".

Adrienne said...

I remember May Day festivities so well. I was never a May Queen but I loved the fun of it all.

Ag said...

You were a May Queen, how wonderful and what a fantastic memory. I danced around the maypole as a child, all dressed in white.
The card you made is beautiful!
When we had Marks and Spencer's here, I loved it, but it never had a place to eat in it. Very nice for you US friends.
Rebekah and Oliver are growing up, they look so happy to have made the centre of the maze. Making it to the centre of any maze would be a feat.
I love my Ipad and how nice to get a new one. My husband got one a year ago and he is still not using it that much, so he sticks to his computer.

Charm and Grace said...

So happy for you about the iPad! And it will be fun for Alan to learn all the things about your old one. So much to discover. And being May Day Queen must have been thrilling as a child. The grandchildren are adorable, and oh to have their energy! The center of the maze intrigues me to the point that I would really like to see the rest of it!

Willow said...

Hi Barbara, I was catching up on your blog a bit and read your thoughts about not blogging as much lately. I'm sorry you have been having pain issues. I know I have not been writing as much and like you still don't want to stop after 11 1/2 years of blogging. I have made so many friends, like you.
I do enjoy reading of your daily adventures.