Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Lot can Happen in a Month

Hi! everyone. It's over a month since I have posted but it has not been intentional.
Life has been somewhat overwhelming and busy though I have kept up with Facebook - just so easy and quick on my i-pad.
There have been/are a number of painful and difficult circumstances going on around me, not connected to me and my family personally, but affecting us personally. Also friends with serious medical issues.
Added to that we have been totally remodelling our main bathroom as the previous post shows.

Nearly there but not quite
Still some work to do around the window frames after all the plastering and a new door still to be installed

I want to add some artwork to this space over the bath and I love this cabinet over the basin which is fully mirrored inside and out making it great not only for make-up and cleansing storage but a mirror opened right there against the wall with everything to hand

Putting an old mirror behind the door which facing the cabinet mirror gives an infinity effect

Didn't include a shower as we have a shower bathroom next door
The only downside is that I would now like that room remodelled too!! We will see!

Just in case you had forgotten!!
I will be visiting, I have certainly missed your posts.


ellen b said...

Well you certainly went down to bare bones. What a nice crisp space it is now!

Elizabethd said...

It's all looking very chic.

Gracie Saylor said...

Yes, a lot can happen in a month :) While I was galavanting around on the West Coast I missed a number of your posts, since sometime in May in fact. It was fun to catch up on your news just now and admire your garden, new tools, tea and Liverpool history, and the bathroom remodel! For the last two days we finally had a break in our long stretch of hot weather and the forecasters think we may even get some sorely needed rain showers on Saturday and Sunday. I hope to go camping with several of my children for a week at Cape Lookout on the beach in northwest Oregon and am very excited at the prospect. I'm asking the Lord's blessing on the painful and difficult circumstances around you and on you as you encourage yourself and those around you.

Lorrie said...

Your new bathroom looks great. Love the idea of another mirror facing the one over the sink.

Vee said...

Yes, life sure can get messy fast and everything and everyone is interconnected. Time for a calming of the storm.

Oh it must be wonderful to have the bathroom back again. You are brave to be willing to tackle the next bath. Be sure to show us again when you have it all decked out with art and all. No worries about my corner...nothing happening at all. Perhaps by Monday when I will have had the grands for the weekend...looking forward to that and how I may spoil them.

Needled Mom said...

We are just starting to remodel two of our baths and I dread the thought of the mess.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So sorry for all that has been going on around you. That bathroom is lovely!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Barbara, it looks well worth the wait. Very modern and clean and a great color scheme that can be easily accessorized with whatever colors please you as the seasons go by.

Anonymous said...

How nice your bathroom is now!
Sorry to hear about the trouble in your Life though.
May Gods peace be with you!

Ann-sofie Kassberg

Elizabeth said...

Do hope things are going better with your friends who are going through difficult times.
On the other hand, the new bathroom is splendid and a good place to relax and retreat momentarily from the world.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, how very modern with those clean lines and bright mirror! Looking forward to catching up with you in your next posts!

Anonymous said...

Your bathroom is lovely Barbara, a calming choice of colour. A perfect idea with the mirror placed behind the door.

Sorry to hear of the difficult times going on around you.

Winifred said...

The bathroom looks lovey. Very swish. As you say it's good to have a storage cabinet there over the sink. Our sink is over the window so I've never put a cupboard up. I love the other mirror too. Makes a big difference.

Adrienne said...

I'm catching up again. Your new bathroom looks wonderful. You are so right that a lot can happen in a month. I'm so glad that God's mercies are new each day, no matter what happens around us.

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Barbara, I know how disturbing renovations are. My Daughter has ripped the wall to quest room out, wall to study , now the kitchen is bigger and did wrap around windows and moved front door, gutted kitchen. It was a war zone. But! it's
all worth it when finished, if you survive, right?