Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lanhydrock House and Gardens, Cornwall Part 1

About 10 minutes from where we stayed in Cornwall was Lanhydrock House and it seemed a good place to have some lunch and look at the house, when we journeyed down, while we awaited the 4.0 pm arrival at our cottage

It was the family home of Thomas Charles, 2nd Lord Robartes, his wife Mary and their ten children.
In 1881 a fire devastated the house and Thomas Charles had Lanhydrock rebuilt for his family

The house has over 50 rooms to see so we will have a bite of lunch first

The estate covers 900 acres and there are some pretty gardens but we do not have the time for that so will concentrate on the house

We will be soaking up the atmosphere as we take in the sights, smells and sounds of this Victorian home as we step back in time, from the downstairs world of the kitchen staff, through to the grand family rooms

plate warmer

long corridors on each floor

Kitchen spit

many different kitchens for different uses

the bread oven

the salting bins on the right

dairy room with the churn on left

lets bake

house keepers sitting room

Viscount Clifdens Estate Office

and now to some family rooms

Stuffed animals and birds are not something I like but they were very common in large Victorian houses
I will leave the rest for another post as there are so many pictures


Terri said...

The kitchen is amazing. How awful to have a fire and lose all those art works and ancient furniture pieces.
Thanks for showing your pictures. I love your blog.

Linda P said...

It looks a house that's well worth the visit. I always find the kitchens very interesting. Lots of copper pots to polish!

La Petite Gallery said...

Barbara that's the first Plate warmer I have ever seen. Stopped in to wish you a warm and happy Holiday season. yvonne

Needled Mom said...

What a gorgeous home!!! The kitchens were amazing and those copper pots made me drool. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lorrie said...

What a grand house! The marble pastry counter in the kitchen is amazing.

I was so interested when I saw the title of this post because the Robartes family of Lanhydrock also shows up in DuMaurier's The King's General. Not in a sympathetic role - Lord Robartes was the chief parliamentarian. Still, so fascinating to read how DuMaurier used houses, families and time periods so effectively in her novels.

Janneke said...

Loved the pictures of Lanhydrock House, the family rooms, the kitchen and even the stuffed animals are wonderful. But did you see all the 50 rooms? That must have taken all afternoon. Good you had first lunch.
Have a nice evening!

Garden Fancy said...

What an amazing house -- the kitchen looks like the one from Downton Abbey! The glimpse of the gardens looks pretty spectacular too. Thanks for another armchair tour! -Beth

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The kitchens certainly seem well supplied. I must have taken an army of servants to keep the place running smoothly. I don't envy the housekeeper's job, though that is a nice little sitting room. I was fascinated by all the decor on the ceilings. And seeing a North American moose on the wall was a bit of a surprise. Looking forward to more photos.

Canadian Chickadee said...

What fun to see the photos of the house's interior. Downton Abbey lives! Or at least I can imagine the Crawleys visiting here. Thanks for sharing. xoxox

Laurie said...

Barbara, I rarely comment, but just wanted you to know how dearly I love having this tour of England thru your eyes and pictures. Very well done, I'm always grateful and interested in all you provide for us armchair travelers. I'm just your age, but unable to travel myself and consider you to be a real blessing in my life. Thank You.

Vee said...

Loved the tablescape with the ivy vine adorning the table in those large Xes. Those large, light-filled kitchens look very pleasant IF one had modern appliances and not a houseful of people to cook for.

Judyk2310 said...

I just discovered your Blog and I love it!! My ancestors came from England and Scotland and so I love all of the photos and explanations. One of these days I plan to come and spend a month just taking my time and touring your beautiful country and buildings. Thanks for my mini vacation today!!