Wednesday, 13 August 2014

King John's House and Romsey, Hampshire

A stroll around Romsey with a visit to King John's house in the middle of town

Here we see The Corn Exchange in the market square which is now a bank

King John's house contains 750 years of history and there is a museum upstairs
The house was once the major building in a large medieval complex.
It is thought to be the hunting lodge that King John built in Romsey in 1206
There is a rare bone floor inside

Pre- eighteenth century plants flourish in the main garden, including a medieval style herber. There is a Victorian terrace to the south and a fountain courtyard to the north. They have all been designed to reflect the original buildings on the site.

Now on our way the tea room

after which we walked around the perimeter of the town and now passing the Abbey (later post)

which has a kind of mote around part of it

Having walked some lanes with cottages on one side and fields on the other we now come to the river 

before making our way back to the centre of town


Needled Mom said...

What a charming place to visit! It is always so much fun to see the old structures and their beauty. The weather looked perfect too.

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Barbara, what a gorgeous place. Lovely to visit it with you.

Do you happen to know anyone who has taken one of the trips along the canals? You know where you rent the canal boats that you can stay on?

Just wondering how difficult they found them to do (physically) with the opening of the locks and such.


Vee said...

That was lovely! I truly enjoyed the tea room...the cheery tea pot juxtaposed against the more traditional tea cups. Goodness, those treads would have required a dainty foot! Beautiful plants and flowers, too. A charming place!

Lorrie said...

Wow. King John's house. My mind travels back to the Magna Carta and over centuries of history. And then tea to bring me back to the present. I love going on these excursions with you, Barb.

Elizabeth said...

What a super outing!
The tea shop looked up to snuff too.
You do go to the best places!

Terri said...

I love to wonder what the old buildings could tell. Every inch of these houses and shops would have lots to say... even the roadway. Being this old, we should have some stories, as well. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Barbara, I truly enjoyed this post and had a lovely time browsing through your photos in large format looking at all the details. You know I love all those arches! I also noticed some perfect pears, espalliered I think against the red brick wall with the interesting "window" next to them. That photo made me think of Elizabeth Goudge's novels . . . she describes such scenes more than once. I kind of wish I could go back in time and take up residence in such a place, somewhere out in the quiet countryside . . .

Patsy said...

A bone floor!!! very interesting.
Nice walk around I enjoyed.

Deanna said...

Fantastic to see!

Adrienne said...

There is a lot of history there! I loved thinking about having tea in the tea room. I love the windows and arbors and the architectural details. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Drottning M said...

Oh..the teapot!!!!
*Sighs with desire*

Lovely photos - as always :) !!

Many many warm hugs from Sweden