Thursday, 14 February 2013

Leeds Castle, Part 2

Photo from website
In answer to questions
Leeds Castle is built on 2 islands on the River Ren

Here we continue to look at some bedrooms
Here we see the bedroom of Catherine of Aragon
Do go to this link which gives a full history beginning when she was betrothed aged 3 to Arthur, son of Henry VII who was not even quite 2 at the time!

along the corridors and

up and down stairs

to some of the living areas

and leaving by the entrance

we walk out into the sunshine and are looking towards the 
castle keep

and back towards the main castle

and out into some of the old castle ruins

which look quite pretty naturalised with wild flowers

and note the birds nesting in the walls

and out into the grounds by the side entrance

and after quite a walk we end up in the Barn Restaurant
it being lunch time

In the next post I will show some more of the grounds, 
which includes the Maize and Grotto


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Another beautiful castle and grounds too. It's hard to imagine being betrothed at the age of 2. They say though that in some places it still goes on. That barn is a beautiful place too. How nice it is being used as a restaurant.

Barbee' said...

I am greatly enjoying these posts and photos. Next best thing to being there... which I never will be. Thank you.

Terri said...

Sad that women were just chattle most of our history. Catherine might have died as a Princess, but Anne Boleyn got her head removed.

I wonder if the castles are haunted by some of the former inhabitants?

Always fun to travel with you, Barbara! Thanks for bringing us along.


Vee said...

A beautiful place...the birds have such a wonderful wall to build their homes many nooks and crannies. The history of Catherine of Aragon is very interesting. I had not realized who her parents were. So many interweavings in history...

Lorrie said...

I love taking these excursions with you. Catherine of Aragon led a sad life, didn't she? I was struck by the lack of bedcurtains in her room. I thought everyone had them back then.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I think those flowers growing on the ruins may be pink valerian. I noticed them growing high up on the ruined stone walls of Glastonbury Cathedral when we were there and looked them up when I got home. Their color is so pretty against the stones.

It's quite fascinating to think about the former occupants of royal blood walking along those hallways and in those rooms. Thank you for sharing some of that with us.

Looking forward to seeing the Maize and Grotto.

Trisha said...

Such beauty and history, really makes one feel quite young, somehow. Thanks for sharing.

Willow said...

I don't know my English history well--I didn't realize that Catherine of Aragon was a child of Isabella and Ferdinand. Knowing her life, I'm glad I wasn't born a princess.
Lovely castle, though.

Kay G. said...

So happy to see Leeds Castle here!
We saw it in 1981 on the very first time that I visited England. I think I most remember the grounds around the Castle, it was in May and the flowers were beautiful.
Also, I remember that Barn Restaurant very well, the food was very good!
Thanks for this nice memory, Richard and I married in 1983, so we are coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary!

nikkipolani said...

A shame to see modern accoutrements -- I understand the need, but don't you wish you could view the beautiful old stones without modern intrusions. Thanks for letting us join you on this tour :-)

Lori Zehr said...

Amazing and beautiful!

Aida said...

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