Friday, 24 June 2011

London on an April Sunday Pt. 8 and more

A little more in the garden this week to add to the roses and
talking of roses, we have had so much torrential rain this week
that they are all feeling sorry for themselves.
Heads so heavy with water some falling off
buds so sodden they are turning brown
Yes we are in a drought situation here but.........

I am away for a week from tomorrow (Saturday)
staying in a cottage (well it is an old village school) in Somerset
Here I am with a new laptop and there is NO Wi-fi !!!!!!
Here was I planning to post and visit blogs in the evenings!

Ready for the break, life has been hectic
I did not get to post on Pilgrims Hall Open Day nor
our church participation in the Global Day of Prayer but both went extremely well

Wednesday of this week I had emergency dental surgery and am still trusting that the debilitating pain I have/am experiencing will ease in order for me to enjoy my holiday even though I am finding eating difficult at the moment.
So for now a little in  the garden before some more on London

Fifteen Lavender bushes in flower at the moment - delightful

I'll now love you and leave you with a few of the many statutes of famous people found in London

I am scheduling a couple of posts on London to publish while I am away


Sir Winston Churchill

Oliver Cromwell

Richard the Lion Heart
King Richard 1st

King George Fifth

Abraham Lincoln


Elizabeth said...

Loved seeing all these important people!

Balisha said...

Hi Barbara...I can almost smell the lavender. Have a nice holiday...hope your mouth feels better. Balisha

Needled Mom said...

Oh, but the flowers are pretty. Who would imagine there has been so much rain?

I hope the pain will subside in time for the trip. I had dental surgery three weeks ago and am just now able to chew on that side. UGH!

Enjoy your trip and we will look forward to your posts when you get home.

Lorrie said...

Have a good restful time away. Sometimes totally disconnecting is the best.
Your lavender is beautiful. I'm sure there are many bees buzzing about the blossoms.

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm guessing that no wi-fi will be a very good thing. I have found that when I'm disconnected, I become very rested and worry-free. Enjoy your holiday.

Vee said...

Abe is there, too? What a surprise.

Even though you're on holiday with no internet access, I am sending an email. I hate to hear about dental pain when I have some help in that regard.

Have a blessed and relaxing time and return refreshed. Your holiday sounds perfectly wonderful...

Trisha said...

Wow! Love the tours of your garden, and London. So interesting. Have a Blessed day.

Susan said...

Your flowers are always so beautiful. Hope the tooth pain is gone and you are enjoying your holiday. By the way everyone that comes to my home loves my Tea Towel and the first words are "HOW did you get that" and then I have to explain about my blog friend in England and how we have these give-away drawings every so often. I have hung it over one of the glass windows in my china hutch and it really displays it nicesly. Thanks again for a treasure I would have not had!!!

Pomona said...

I hope you have a really lovely week away, and come back refreshed!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

Great Photos! I especially like the one of my favorite US president, Abe Lincoln.

I hope you have a nice break and feel better soon :-)


Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I was in London three years ago and had a wonderful time. You have a beautiful city and country!

Cheers from Canada.

Arlene said...

Hi hope I'm not intruding, but I just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed a pleasant half hour looking at some of your posts, Very interesting, I was specially attracted to the one of you worrying about getting old, I can empathise, i'm the same age 73, and now and then i have to remind myself that it's downhill from here, though I don't feel much different from when I was 40, where do the years go.
Loved your garden and the poems, specially about your cats, We have a bit in common, i also paint and love gardening, though mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours. Must go now, I could talk for England given the chance. Byee

Cousin Pam said...

I do hope your pain subsided quickly and you've been able to enjoy a well-earned rest.

Susan Skitt said...

Lovely English gardens! We have a girl from our church visiting family this summer in England! Hope your mouth feels better soon after surgery :) Blessings!

Michael said...

I can;t recall why lincoln is there, can you enlighten us? I do remember he is though, as is Thomas norfolk.