Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sunshine in October

What does one do when the sun shines in October! Well if you are 78 in a few weeks like Alan, you are up a ladder painting the house.

If you are my son Peter, you are taking a trip up the Amazon at Manaus in Brazil

If you are Oliver you are learning French when not charging around on your scooter

If you are Becca then you are growing fast

As for 'yours truly', I am eating,roasting,cooking, chopping and freezing tomatoes (amongst other things you understand) as we have had such a good crop this year and with a sunny and mellow Autumn just now I may be doing this for a while yet.


Annie Jeffries said...

What a sweet glimpse of daily life from all over the world. These are most assuredly, your most precious gardens.

Winifred said...

They were lovely snapshots. My Alan must have a good head for heights and boundless energy! My husband has renewed the nagging for us to get double glazing. I've held out for the past 10 years but I can feel I'm slipping.

Susan said...

The ordinary things of life that make it such a joy and blessing.
The grands are growing so fast and are adorable.

Vee said...

Those grands are so adorable...learning French? Oh my! Smart, too.

I couldn't watch Alan paint too long. I'm glad to see that he is feeling strong and able to climb ladders and all that. Must be all the walking.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, Barbara.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. Loved seeing your day and your family.

I spent the day with our Daughter cleaning our carpets and furniture. To some that my seem like work, but to me it was a wonderful day with my girl.



Adrienne said...

Thank you for sharing the busy-ness of your family's life. It's fun to see them and enjoy a bit of what they are doing! ~Adrienne~

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh my, what a shot of Alan up there on that ladder! Yes, my knees are weak and wobbly watching him....!

Oliver and Bekka look happy and healthy - I can see she has changed in the four months since we met her in person. They both have such gorgeous blue eyes.

Enjoy your weekend - hope the weather remains lovely for you a while longer.

Elizabethd said...

Brave man up that ladder!
Tomatoes are wonderful, we are still picking them, and I shall miss them when they finish.

Deanna said...

Your Grandchildren are so very sweet!

My hubby finished roofing our garage & two story house, he's 54. I'm more than happy he's done.

Your tomatoes sound great!
God Bless,

Patsy said...

What a lovely family.

a woman who is said...

First thought...Alan be careful! Wow he is doing well for a man his age. I guess sea legs work for heights too.

Second lovely to see pictures of your family, especially the grands. So impressive about Oliver learning French. Bekka is growing up too fast as is baby Avey!

I am in tomato over load here too. Homemade tomato soup in batches in the freezer worked for one load last week. Hmmm roasting them, have never tried that. Great idea.

Mike said...

Nice post :) And let's hope the sunny and mellow autumn continues!

Susan Skitt said...

How precious, your grandchildren are so dear. Love Oliver on his scooter and the baby - wow she's beautiful! And wow about your husband up on that ladder painting! My husband is working on scraping and painting our garage doors - what a long, involved project. Your veggies sound yummy too - I'm sure they will make some delicious dishes!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments at my blog. Who would have thought that you loved NC? We're even, though, because I love English gardens (well, who doesn't?). It was that title that drew me from Sara's blogroll.

Thanks again for your visit. I'm honored and you are most welcome there.

Josie Ray
Appalachian Dream

Betty said...


My, how the children are growing! Beautiful...indeed a blessing from God...

Alan certainly has

Our tomatoes didn't do well this summer...tomato wilt is a problem...

Thank you for visiting with me...I'm always so pleased to see you've been by...


Kate said...

How nice that your husband still has the energy for ladders, heights and painting - I have a 92 year old uncle who also gets energetic when the sun shines!

You have a lovely family Barbara as well as a lovely garden and those tomatoes? Keep on preserving them - they will bring summer to your winter table!

Linda said...

October has been stunning here too in Paris except for the mistral that arrived yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Yes the tomatoes have been so good this year. I have dipped so many in hot water to get rid of the skins to make bolognaise sauce I can freeze.

Oh your grandchildren are adorable.