Saturday, 25 July 2009

Corsham, Wiltshsire Pt.4 and Current Update

We quickly had a look at Corsham on our way back. This is a small town dating back to Medieval times. Famed for it's architecture, wool industry and a source for quarrying Bath stone.
During the second world war and the cold war, the town became a major administrative centre for the Ministry of Defence with numerous tunnels above ground and in the old quarry.
It was also famously the inspiration for Charles Dicken's novel, The Pickwick Papers which he wrote after he visited the area.

We were just too late for tea here, they took the sign in just as we approached.

Just a little garden update. This Rockrose hides the filtration system for the fish pond. I grew it from a cutting elsewhere in the garden and over the years it has done it's job well. Unfortunately so well that Alan now finds it almost impossible to get in to clean the filters. So reluctantly I realised that it was now necessary to remove it. I had to choose between a healthy p0nd or a pretty view.

So, it's all out, including other shrubs and ivy tangled up with it. Not a pretty site but.........

Replanted with shrubs that will not look so pretty but neither will they stop Alan having access when they eventually grow up.

In the last few weeks we have been experiencing relentless rain with almost tropical rain showers and storms. I have not sat out in the garden since before our holiday until Saturday afternoon when the sun shone brilliantly and brought with it swarms of large flying ants! Back into the house quickly, they were crawling over me and getting into my hair!
Here we have views taken at the back (sunset) of the house one evening last week and the second at the front (rainbow), both taken at the same time.

Dear Grandson Oliver was 3 yesterday and I just cannot believe how those 3 years have flown.
There are many, many more photos of our stay in Wiltshire, but have not had much time at my computer recently due to so many events at the moment including
two 60th birthday parties last weekend, outings and dinner engagements both here and at friends homes and church summer outreach activities. Stay tuned though, the photographs are good!


Kate said...

Don't you just love old houses? I like to imagine what it must have been like to live then.

I love to see period TV productions filmed on location ...

.... You grew that from a cutting??? Now I am amazed... I have a long way to go!!

Needled Mom said...

It is always hard to remove a plant that one has worked for so long to get established, but it does sound like it was a necessity.

I love the pictures of your visit. It would have been fun to have enjoyed tea there. Guess you couldn't bribe them to keep it open????

The grandchildren do grow up too quickly. It sounds as though you have been busy having fun this summer. I do hope the rain holds off so you can sit out in the garden more - without bugs!!!!

Winifred said...

Those photos are lovely and not a Pound Shop in sight!

We've had quite a bit of rain too but it has eased off over the last week. We didn't have flying ants though thank goodness.

Shame you had to lose that lovely bush but it will still be nice and as you say easier to manage the pool filter.

Deanna said...

So glad that you have shared these pics.
This village is absolutely charming.
What a delight this would be to see in person.

Grandchildren are a joy!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver! Does he love being the big brother?

Is there a place in the back garden where you could plant another rockrose?

You are getting all our rain. Please send some back! Ewww~ those flying ants are yucky!

I am looking forward to more photos! I never tire of them. What an amazing place Corsham is, although I do keep in mind the limitations on the homeowners.

Lorrie said...

Your garden is just lovely, even without the shrub you pulled out. I hope the summer turns sunny so you can enjoy your garden.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Too bad you must missed tea at Cinnamon...looks like a great place. And I do love the windows there too.

The fish will be glad I'm sure, now that the filter can be easily cleaned!

Such gorgeous skies...but the flying ants must have been an unhappy surprise.

And happy birthday to Oliver - it'll be Rebekah's turn before you know it!

Mike said...

We had those ants too, about 1.30pm...horrid. We were doing street healing and I had them in my ears!!

Lovely photos as always Barbara. Blessings :)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

These are beautiful pictures. You always have such beautiful places to take us. I love the new larger font. You always have such neat posts.

Linda said...

Incredible architecture. Looks like a fascinating place to visit.

Vee said...

How've I been missing these posts? Oliver is three? Oh time does fly. I know that his day was a happy one.

These photos are so charming. I found Alan right's the backpack. And the lady peeking into the shop window...loved that.

The weather has been plain weird and I'm sorry that you seem to have been getting what has been our lot for the summer. Today is the second absolutely beautiful day of the year...lots of sun and low humidity. But then, here it is almost August. Hope that your weather improves, too. Those ants sound dreadful!

Sue said...

I am SOOOO enjoying YOUR vacation!
Thanks for sharing everything with us, including the updates to your beautiful gardens.

Happy belated birthday to little Oliver! Time really does fly, doesn't it?