Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dedham Village,Essex Pt. 1

We are on our way home having waited for the fish in Aldeburgh.(Nearly 3 weeks ago, how time flies).We stop off for lunch in the pretty village of Dedham which is in our own county of Essex.

We arrive in the car park and the beautiful Autumn colours make up for the very overcast and drizzly weather.

The Village sign

We walk from the car park to the high street

The reason we chose to stop here

Side view

We go inside and order a late lunch

Having eaten a large hotel breakfast we opt for a light lunch of Quiche. This is how it came. I think we managed half and certainly turned down the dessert.

The pub on the opposite corner

The Parish Church, we looked around inside after lunch but I will have to make this a separate post.

The War Memorial

A drainage culvert
I plan to take you on a walk along the High Street
in the next post


Vee said...

Quaint little village with such a nice tearoom. That meal was quite something! I had to take a closer look...salad, quiche, baked potato, corn and celery, too. Guess that they haven't received the memo that anyone ordering quiche expects a light lunch. :D

Susan said...

Love that street sign!!!

Winifred said...

Looks a lovely place. That lunch looked tasty and anything but light! Safe trip home.

Needled Mom said...

The time flying tells us that you had a wonderful time.

That is such a quaint village. I do love the character of the British towns.

And that light lunch.....oh my. That is enough for a week, but it certainly looked good.

Aubrey said...

Every time you show these villages, I wish I lived in one!

Nice light meal, there, eh? ;)

Willow said...

Ok, here we go again! Another place to put on the 'next trip to England' list! In some ways, Dedham reminds me of Thaxted and Wells combined in one village.

P. said...

The beauty of England... Like nowhere in the world.


Elizabethd said...

What a lovely sign Dedham has.
A light lunch!!! I dont think so!

Kate said...

It looks a lovely place! I'm surprised you could move after lunch!!

inspired said...

beautiful scenery :o]

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful place Barbara. The pink is a traditional colour for limewash. It really suited the tearoom.

My yes that was a huge "light" lunch!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

What a wonderful place! Based on what you've shown us so far, I have a very strong desire to move to Dedham for the rest of my days on earth!!

Even the drainage culverts (we'd say drainage ditches here) are kind of quaint. And that village sign is a work of art.

I especially loved those multi-paned windows and the view looking through them to the outside.

Elizabeth said...

Such lovely big windows in the restaurant.
I always like the food bits and of course, the rest make me quite misty.

Candytuft Corner said...

What a delightful place and that lunch looks delicious.

Marie x

Sue Seibert said...

Hi, Barbara. Love your trip, seeing all the sights! I always love to join you on journeys! Hope all is well.

Oh, do keep an ear our for Chris Stern. I believe one of the national radio stations will be playing some from his new album.

lindsey said...

I just want to say thanks for your blog. I put 'Waltham Abbey' into google as my husband has to go there tomorrow and thought I may like to go along. I found your blog! We have just moved to Berkhamsted for my husband to lead a church there. Although I grew up near here I moved to Cornwall at 16. We are now exploring our new surroundings and have visited Ashridge so I enjoyed your post and photo's. I have especially enjoyed reading your story, I love to hear how God has worked in peoples lives. I pray you will know His abundant blessings!