Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Walking in St. Albans - and the Cathedral

Another walk if you would like to join me

We arrive at Janie's on Saturday
And enjoy the Autumn colours as we wake up the next morning

Come Sunday afternoon it is time for a walk around town

Here be begin in the market place

and walk down George Street

And on to Fishpool Street

Aah! First sight of the Cathedral to the left
but we have much walking to do before we finish up there

A pretty Winter flower pot

We have now arrived in the park

Mallard Duck's nesting

A Roman coffin

Past Ye Olde Fighting Cocks which is said to be the oldest Pub in England
This is an 11th century structure on an 8th century Inn site
The current octaganol structure was originally a medieval dovecote

If you can read this you will see that Oliver Cromwell was reputed to have stayed here
for one night during the civil war, stabling his horse in what is now thought
to be the bar area
The underground tunnels of the Inn provided useful boltholes in troubled times

The view from the outside tables

We will walk up towards the Cathedral a different way

St. Alban whom the town was named after lived at some time during the
3rd century
in the then Roman city of Verulamium (there is a museum charting the history of the town).
Although he was a worshipper of Roman Gods inluding the Emperor,
he gave shelter to a Christian Priest fleeing from persecution.
Influenced by the Priest's prayer and teaching he became a Christian.

He was eventually executed for his faith by having his head cut off.
The above link will give you lots more history of this man and the Cathedral

The Venerable Bede tells us:
"When the peace of Christian times was restored a beautiful church,
worthy of his martyrdom was built, where sick folk are healed
and frequest miracles take place to this day" About 760 AD

I guess it is now time for tea

And now we will makeour way home
Hope you enjoyed the walk with us


Cousin Pam said...

Wow! I'm first to comment. St Albans look a lovely place and the cathedral is quite stunning - must visit sometime. Glad you were able to help Janie out. She obviously appreciated it. I'm just glad I;m not young again!!
P.S. You've forgotten to alter your clock!

Becky said...

Loved my walk. That cathedral window is amazing.

Betty said...


I am a bit winded after that walk but so interesting.....It was like looking through a story book....the houses, pub and cathedral......Betty

Mob said...

What a neat way to do a post. I felt like I was there. What a beautiful cathedral. Poor guy, to get beheaded for his faith.

Linds said...

Great walk, Barbara! I have been to St Albans, but it looks great when you take us with you on a walk. The weather was good too!

Lisa said...

Wow , what lovely photos.You have a lovely blog!