Thursday, 18 May 2017

On The Home Front and More

It's almost 2 years ago now (Can't be but it is!) since we totally renewed our main bathroom and made the bathroom and separate loo into one. 
I decided to hang some of my watercolours on the new wall where once was a door.
Thought I'd make a post of it before going on holiday tomorrow.

While doing it we took the opportunity to re-decorate the landing, stairs and hall and buy a new mirror. The old one was an antique but I no longer liked it.

Mirror reflections

I thought you would like this.
 Grandson Oliver at his house playing Ludo with the kittens

and then on the garden front
the pigeons make a real mess on garden furniture

The roses are beginning to come into bloom in mid-May

We have had the driest winter in over 100 years here in the South East
and then the rains came in earnest and have not ceased yet just as the roses were coming into bloom

Should have lots of photos when we come back.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Garden is Coming to Life Again and my Son's Garden

Brilliant. Alan has finished moving and relaying the garden path stones. We have had the driest winter since early last century and the clay ground is rock hard. He had to use a hammer and chisel to lift turf. The spacing is aligned to a comfortable stretch for me. Thank you Alan.  

Not much colour in the garden yet, but it is coming to life again.
I am still getting used to having a much downsized garden but I do like it. I like the space after all these years of pruning and cutting back etc.

As a complete contrast I'll show you my son's garden in the Spring.
He likes to let it grow wild and do it's own thing!

Believe it or not, this is the pathway back to the house.
He has at least since these pictures cut the grass!

I remember about 16 years ago helping him to plan his garden.
He is single and travels a lot and is happy with this wildness.
Don't tell the neighbours but he even feeds the foxes!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Bits and Pieces on May Day

I have fond memories of May day when I was a child and how different life was.
I remember one particular year when I was about 8. There was a May procession for the children in the road and I was chosen to be the May Queen leading the procession.
Previous to the day the children sat outside our house selling things we had made and anything that we could get our hands on that was no longer wanted. In other words a 1940's garage sale for the kids.
We then used this money for a little party in the street.
How I wish there were photos but there was no such luxury during the war. 

Back to modern days and a wedding card that I made for a friend's daughter last week.

My new i-pad Pro purchased on Saturday. It has taken some time but I now have all 80 plus apps from my old one installed and running.
Alan will have my old one and as he has never had one before there will be new learning curves for him.

I was just thinking how quickly time flies when coming across this picture when going through my computer albums.
Having a quick lunch in Marks and Spencer last December with our friends Don & Joyce from Louisiana. I first met Joyce as a fellow blogger and this was their third visit.

Lastly but not least Oliver and Rebekah having made it to the centre of the Hampton Court Maze last week.
Rebekah now 8 and Oliver 11 in July.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

10 Years and Where to Go From Here!

I'm sitting here at my computer with all kinds of thoughts running through my head about blogging. I have published so few posts in recent months that I know I am losing followers. Also I have not visited other blogs as much as I have wanted to.
It feels like I am running out of ideas after 10 years but I don't think it's really that, it's more that I've set myself too high a standard and think I should always be posting lots of lovely photographs.
Having struggled with spinal degenerative changes and the resulting pain I have not been out and about like I used to so have not taken lots of photos.
I have also taken the easy way out with Facebook.
However when I really think about it I do NOT want to stop blogging. I have made too many friends and connections here and learned a lot so.............I am hoping to get out and about more this year as I learn to pace myself and manage pain. We have a holiday booked for next month (having cancelled our holiday last year) and I will be testing the waters and learning to keep within my new limits. Two years ago I could walk all day and climb up and down hills, now it is keeping to the flat as much as possible (not so easy in this country - we even live on a hill). 
I don't want to sound all negative, I know there are many people, and much younger, much worse off than me and I feel blessed. 
So here goes...................

This is the latest area where we took out 9 shrubs and grassed over last season and my new Spirea are doing well.

On the left we see what the winter does to our path and on the right we see what husband Alan does to make them right again.
At the same time he is moving them all closer together as when the ground was soggy in the winter I found it difficult striding out.

Not finished yet, but he is getting there. 
Pretty good for an 85 year old.

and here is dear Rebekah who was 8 last week enjoying the Gymnastic championships at the 02 Arena.
She loves her gymnastic classes and is very good at it.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

2017 Garden So Far

The Green Winter Garden

The slightly Frosty Garden
No hard frosts this year

The Misty Garden

The in between garden 

The Sunny Garden

The Spring Garden

and the Corkscrew Hazel 
which is overwhelming me right now
I pruned it back hard last year and it is again needing a lot of attention and 'I don't know where to start!'
Back issues do not help.
How glad I am that we removed so many shrubs in the last 2 years

Monday, 6 March 2017

Climbing Kilimanjaro

As promised beginning posting some of son Peter's more exotic travels. Here we begin with Mount Kilimanjaro which is located in TANZANIA - a country in East Africa.
The mountain rises to 19,340 feet above sea level.
It is the tallest free standing mountain (not part of a mountain range) in the world.
Just a few of the 100 plus photos.

Here we see the initial party of 12 that began the journey.
Son Peter is at the back, 4th from right in the pale blue tea shirt. 

Some of the reasons to forbid the climb
Hikers must be physically fit.
If you have a sore throat, cold or breathing problems DO NOT go beyond 3,000 feet
Allow plenty of time to acclimatise by ascending slowly.
If you experience symptoms of mountain sickness please descend immediately, and more.  

Up and up with the African plaines behind them

First night of camping

Porters go ahead and set everything up, tents etc. and cook the meals

Higher and higher

and looking towards the mountain

A birthday surprise

A clear view of the mountain but still many days to walk

and a view of the peaks with the top of the mountain in view

Looking down on the world 

The mountain at sunrise


Took 6 days to climb the mountain so quite a few nights camping

Peter looking through the door of his tent towards one of the lower summits

Much harder walking now

Feeling on top of the world

Someone didn't make it!

Just keep going

This was the stopping point for some of the group

The fitter ones continued

Just a step at a time now

The seven that made it

Peter being one of them

With the porters and team that made the journey possible
Interestingly a few of the group have stayed in touch (this was 5 years ago) and they meet for climbing or walking weekends a few times a year.