Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Port Isaac (and Doc Martin!), Cornwall

We had a really lovely week in Cornwall and were blessed with such warm and sunny weather
Everywhere we visited entailed lots of walking up and down steep cliffs from the car parks to the coves, often for about three quarters of a mile as there is just not enough space for tourists to park
Shuttle buses, trams and taxis were available but we chose to walk both ways on all our visits

I have decided to post on Port Isaac first as so many of my blogging buddies love the TV series Doc Martin and this is where the outdoor shots are filmed

The old school seen here is no longer a school but a restaurant so the internal filming is done elsewhere 

It is where we chose to have lunch

before spending some hours wandering around

 Dr. Ellingham's home and surgery

We will be wondering around and taking photos as I go so a bit random

The beach and slipway where lots happen in the film

Roscarrock Hill leading up to the Doc's house 

Looking across to the other side from the hill

Well here I am outside the Doc's house complete with dustbin on the steps
This is the hill we regularly see him run down to various emergencies

A kind Canadian offered to take a photo of Alan and I, 
how could we refuse

There were quite a lot of Americans here

The film's Pharmacy
 a gift shop in real life 

The white house with the steps leading down to the beach
is where Al Large and Son run a restaurant in the garden

and just to show that this is a real live fishing village some fishermen have arrived with a catch of crabs

and the Fisheries authorities are waiting to measure the crabs to see if they are the legal size for being caught

and lastly Louisa's home
I do hope you enjoyed your visit
it's time to plod back up the hill now

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Our Cottage in Cornwall

Just checking in to say that we are feeling very Blessed in that we have had a wonderful holiday. A week before I was seriously wishing that we could cancel because I was experiencing such pain. 
What a blessing to have friends in the community who care enough to hold us up in prayer.
Our outward journeys were easy (there were 2 as we broke the journey staying at a Premier Inn) and we are just loving this luxurious accommodation which includes two bedrooms with the modernest of en-suite bathrooms.
The owner is an artist and everything is tasteful and of the highest quality.
Our daughter stayed here during Spring half term week.

We are staying on this lovely farm with views of the valleys all around.

We have visited some charming places everyday, ( including the village where Doc Martin is filmed) and it has been hot and sunny.
However we are ready to begin our journey home tomorrow.

A modern Barn conversion


We have a wedding party to attend the evening we arrive home and Sunday is full but have many, many great photos to post as soon as I am able.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First week of September

The perfume in the house is wonderful with the September roses dotted around
The reason for the map on the table is because we are off tomorrow for a late Summer holiday
We do use the Sat Nav but I still like a map for those times when I want to see just where I am
We are off to Cornwall so I am sure there will be some great photos
We will be staying on a farm in a beautiful new 5 star barn conversion 

I enjoyed making this card for a recent wedding

and love the sunsets at this time of year

I thought I'd leave you with some pics of a public garden we just happened to pass in South East London in the Spring