Monday, 6 March 2017

Climbing Kilimanjaro

As promised beginning posting some of son Peter's more exotic travels. Here we begin with Mount Kilimanjaro which is located in TANZANIA - a country in East Africa.
The mountain rises to 19,340 feet above sea level.
It is the tallest free standing mountain (not part of a mountain range) in the world.
Just a few of the 100 plus photos.

Here we see the initial party of 12 that began the journey.
Son Peter is at the back, 4th from right in the pale blue tea shirt. 

Some of the reasons to forbid the climb
Hikers must be physically fit.
If you have a sore throat, cold or breathing problems DO NOT go beyond 3,000 feet
Allow plenty of time to acclimatise by ascending slowly.
If you experience symptoms of mountain sickness please descend immediately, and more.  

Up and up with the African plaines behind them

First night of camping

Porters go ahead and set everything up, tents etc. and cook the meals

Higher and higher

and looking towards the mountain

A birthday surprise

A clear view of the mountain but still many days to walk

and a view of the peaks with the top of the mountain in view

Looking down on the world 

The mountain at sunrise


Took 6 days to climb the mountain so quite a few nights camping

Peter looking through the door of his tent towards one of the lower summits

Much harder walking now

Feeling on top of the world

Someone didn't make it!

Just keep going

This was the stopping point for some of the group

The fitter ones continued

Just a step at a time now

The seven that made it

Peter being one of them

With the porters and team that made the journey possible
Interestingly a few of the group have stayed in touch (this was 5 years ago) and they meet for climbing or walking weekends a few times a year.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Disturbance in the Road and Tranquillity in the Park

We were disturbed by flashing blue lights outside our window last evening. It seemed a car chase terminated outside our house.
Just a brief picture from my i-pad showing a little part. It felt a little like being on a movie set.
There were 3 police cars and a very large police van (out of the picture) and at least 12 policeman to whom the suspects were handcuffed to some of them.
It was fascinating watching a sniffer dog getting so excited when it found what it was looking for.

Contrast to tranquillity in our local park.
The scene is of lights over East London at dusk which look like they are on the horizon here. Not so, we are on a hill. 

Now to some sunset scenes where I love the variety on different days.

Contrasting with the pale sun of a winter afternoon lighting up the newly pruned Dogwoods.

I have at last found a way to deal with my photographs and files in Windows 10. It may not be the best way, I don't know, but it works.
Using photos from my phone, i-pad and camera took some thought as well. The easiest thing seems to be to let the software do what it wants and then copy and paste to where I want them. More time consuming but, hey! it was worth it.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Colouring to Relax

I really enjoy colouring but am not good at setting the time aside to do it. This book called the Secret Garden is wonderful as it is so detailed and intricate but it can take a long time to finish a page like this. 
I do have other books but I can quickly get bored with the simpler ones. 

As other colouring fanatics will know, it is very, very relaxing having to totally concentrate.

Another thing I find relaxing is my new wall hung fire.
Was really worth getting rid of a chair for.
This sun room is where I sit and read but having a flat roof it can be quite cool in the winter, even though there is a large radiator along one side, and especially in the freezing temperatures that we have had this year, as it has a flat roof.
So all set now for when I don't want to spend an evening in the sitting room watching TV.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

January Musings

Well Christmas came and went and I was determined to try and find a way to be able to get photos onto my blog from Windows 10. Hooray I made it, even if it does feel like 'a long way round' moving photos and files around. If I can spend time getting to grips with Windows 10 filing system then it will probably be easier.
When I sit at my computer (and like most I am sure) it's because  have a job to do so I don't get to the 'experimenting'.

Ready for friends to arrive for dinner here

The following photographs were all taken with my phone so not so great.

 Husband Alan 

January 2nd found 50 + of us from church celebrating a friend's 65th birthday. He hosted it at a local Turkish restaurant where we took over the whole of one half of the place.
The birthday boy is third from the left here so he is now a fully fledged Pensioner.
As Alan was saying, it's 20 years since he became a 'pensioner' - where does the time go?

Walking back from the park on Boxing Day I managed to get a photo of Bekah with her Uncle Peter, my son.

Well life moves on and so much seems to happen in a short time.  Daughter Jane has just returned from business meetings in Denver, USA and Peter just returned from a couple of weeks in Africa, this time Ghana, Benin and Togo. Cat feeding over again for a few months!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Better Late Than Never!

It was the first time for many years that Alan and I spent New Year's Eve at home alone.
It being a Saturday we stuck with the usual Saturday routine of having tea on a tray in the sitting room( Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese sandwiches served with a side salad, Mince Pies and home made Date Scones) catching up on recorded TV programmes. We added to this an early bath before ending the evening in our Pyjams watching the New Year in on TV and going to bed at 1.0 a.m.
It was enjoyable and relaxing

So, just a few photos of the fireworks on the River Thames not many miles away

I'm glad we were warm and snug at home at not here on The Embankment like many!
So an opportunity to wish all my blogging friends and followers a very Happy New Year.