Saturday, 15 July 2017

Burnham Market, Part 5

The Nelson Inn was about 3 minutes walk away from where we were staying. As mentioned in previous postings Admiral Horatio Nelson is much featured in this village. 

As well as being close by, the food was delicious

  For my last posting on Burnham Market, before moving on to more of Norfolk, here are some photos of the shop below our holiday accommodation, all part of the same conglomerate.

Looking through the window after dark

A typical holiday shop where one needs to spend time looking around

And lastly peeping through a couple more windows after dark

The sweet shop opposite

next to the Barefoot Retreat Office next door.

Hope I haven't bored you with 5 posts on one village!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Burnham Market Part 4 - An Evening Stroll

An evening stroll in Burnham Market when the village is deserted. Very different from daytime!

The above three photos are of the front of the cottages that back on to the internal square where we are staying as the photo below

Quite an unusual looking Range Rover

Peaceful - I think we will walk back now for a bit of R & R

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Celebrating our Queen's 65 years on the throne - longest reigning Monarch - with a Street Party

Another excuse for a street party!
Last year's was such a success (Queen's 90th birthday) folk wanted to do it again
Hard to imagine that our Queen has reigned for 65 years.
I remember her Coronation very well.
School was closed and every street in our then neighbourhood had a party (very rare these days).
Also rare were televisions - I remember just 1 in the street

Beginning with a BBQ at midday 

Community police dropped by for a chat 

Afternoon tea at 2.30pm

and Bring and Share Buffet at 5.30 pm

The road had to be cleared and sorted from 7.0 pm in order to be opened again to traffic at 8.0 pm
A good but tiring day

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Two Funerals in a Week

Spent Wednesday in this small but pretty village of Roxwell, attending our second funeral in 6 days.
The first was for Alan's late brother's wife and the second for the Mother of our son-in-law.

The local pub

and village store

and the village church that managed to fit several hundred people for the funeral service.
A local field was opened up for car parking.
Our daughter's Mother-in-law was an Anglican Vicar to 3 country parishes.

It's actually the same church that our daughter was married in 18 years ago.
Today we had another street party to celebrate our Queen's Sapphire Anniversary - 65 years on the throne - the longest serving Monarch.
I will post photos from that next before continuing with 
holiday pics.