Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Today 31st October

This is my Cotinus (Smoke Bush) today

This is the same bush last year without the Summer storm damage

This is the Autumn bouquet of flowers sent to me from Janie as a thank you gift
She also sent chocolates
Would you believe the supplier delivered both in the same box
Water spilling out from the flowers saturated the box
No names mentioned but this is one of our most well known companys

And this is the tool set that Alan won
Do you think he will be doing more jobs now
We'll see!
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Sara said...

Hi Barbara, I am catching up on my blog reading and have enjoyed looking at your last few posts. Your photos are amazing, as always! Some of your fall color shots are similar to ones I took in Yosemite, as you will see once I get them posted.

Love the smoke tree! Such brilliant colors.

You asked about the fires - we were in no danger from any of them; most were over 100 miles away. The first one, the Malibu fire, was about 35 miles north.

Mob said...

What a difference a year makes. Your smoke bush was gorgeous last year. Darn summer storms, I've had hail ruin the leaves of a lot of my plants too.

Betty said...

Now that's one solution as to how I could get the phone booth home...let's see I would have to walk about 300 miles more or less......

What a shame about the drenched candy.....the flowers are beautiful...what a thoughtful daughter.....Betty

Carol said...

Hi Barbara,
I enjoyed looking at all the pretty village photos, I love English villages! And your smoke bush looks spectacular!
Carol xox

Vee said...

Oh I'd go for a walk with you any day and most especially if there's a charming little pub at the end. The cotinus (sp?) is so lovely. I don't think that I've seen anything quite like it in my corner. Must keep my eyes open now just in case. Have a lovely weekend, Barbara!

Bendtherulz said...

Lucky you !!

And the bush pic is great - such good colors. And loved the walk of St Albans.

How is the weather these days...!
Tk care ~