Saturday, 6 September 2008

Scenes from Middlesmoor, Yorkshire Pt.6

It's Saturday 6th September and it does not feel like Autumn, it feels like Winter! I walked first thing this morning before the rain came (at least we do not have floods like some parts of the country) and it just seems to have got colder. I lay on the sofa for a short nap after lunch and got so cold (surely it is not time for a throw yet) and I hear hubby saying looks like we will be needing the central heating on. Oh! no, not yet, then it really feels like Winter. So with just enough time to do a post before I have to go out to a local church anniversary and reunion I am wearing a thick woollen jacket and trying to type with cold hands! How wonderful I hear my blogging friends from Southern California saying. Well for the moment lets forget reality and get back to Yorkshire. I would suggest double clicking to really see the details on the moors.

Having been fortified with tea we have left the Gorge and are driving another 3 miles to the village of Middlesmoor in Nidderdale. Middlesmoor is a delightful and tiny village, consisting of a few dwellings, a pub and a church, sitting right on top of the moor. We parked the car after driving up a twisty and narrow 1 in 4 gradient. Just after the small car park the road petered out and became a farm track.

I just loved the cottages set on the hill in a little cluster alongside the church. I am sure you will love them too if you come along with me.

What a lovely place to dry the washing

The road peters out to a farm track just behind us
Do you see the vase of flowers sitting in the wall

A back garden

An unusual front garden
Very apt as the moors are full of sheep

We are told that the best view is from the churchyard

See the reservoir in the distance
That is the one we drove past earlier this afternoon

Hubby is wondering if I am going to be finished before it starts to rain

Our way into the churchyard - sheep country!

And our way out

The backyard of a lovely house next to the church - what a view
I think that is it for today. We need to retrace our steps back past the gorge, the reservoir, Plately Bridge and then take a different route back to Harrogate across a different Dale so missing Darley Mill. We have had an interesting and full day.
I wonder what is in store for tomorrow?


Lorrie said...

Oh my, I wish I could send you some of our sunshine! I know the rains will begin here soon enough. I do hope you have another spell of good weather - Indian summer, we call it here.
Your photos are ever so beautiful. I just love all the stone walls and buildings.


bennie and patsy said...

Oh! Barbara I just feel so pulled in to the pictures. It is almost(very) emotional. My father's family are Tate's and they came here from England.I may never get to see England for myself but your tours mean so much to me.Thank you

Sara said...

That was extremely delightful! I clicked all the photos for a better look.

Ladies in their crinolines would have trouble entering and leaving that churchyard I think!

Such gorgeous views; I especially like the one from the front of the church with the tree on the right...peeking past at the green fields in the valley below.

Margaret said...

Thank you for the lovely walk through the countryside! I saw your blog on Life at Willow Manor and thought I'd visit. What a lovely site! I hope winter backs off a little for you. I live in Canada, and I'm afraid it's starting to look a little like winter here, too!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ugh! How awful for it to be so cold in September!

I really enjoyed this set of photos and, you're so right, there's so much more detail in the larger versions. You take wonderful pictures. I love the one of the wash and those where the countryside almost looks like a giant quilt.

Stay warm!


Since I can't be there - thanks for the visual tour! Lovely indeed!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well, James Herriot wasn't making all this up, was he now?? Just absolutely dreamy countryside. Thanks so very much for the photos. I did indeed enlarge them, and just sat a stared. How Edward would love to run on those hills.

Sorry about your early cold weather. It's really rather muggy here today. Hurricanes are nearby, so maybe that's why.

Happy weekend! From Both of Us!

Anonymous said...

Hia Barbara, yes totally foul weather for the season. My least fav stile are the big ladder ones over 6ft walls where the hounds suffer the indignity of being carried.

Beautiful hills. They are what I miss most about living on the flat West Coast.

Thanks for sharing your day again.

Betty said...

When I visit your blog, you open up a whole new world to's so picturesque....the stone dwellings and walls, the churches, the beautiful landscapes....the meandering streams and brooks....

We have a touch of fall with cooler temperatures but not cold......

Have a blessed Lord's Day...Betty

ellen b. said...

I've really enjoyed all your holiday photos. I am one who would spend all her traveling money to go to England. But alas, it seems my travelling money is no where to be found. Since I can't travel to England right now it's been fun travelling with you and Willow :0)

Sue Swift said...

Lovely pics. Made me feel homesick for the English countryside ...

Barb said...

Hi Barbara,

Maybe You could send some cooler weather and I can send you some warmth!

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I always enjoy your tours.


Elizabeth said...

Amazing views - but so sorry you are cold as you post.
In NY it is upper 70's and sunny.No sign of autumn yet.

Barbara said...

I like to travel with you and see all the different lovely places. And I don't mind to enter sheep entrances ;-) !!

mrsnesbitt said...

h, we visit these places regularly on our motorbike. We live just outside Whitby do you know it?

Mmm said...

Yorkshire is incredible. I love it. The dales evoke such moods.