Friday, 26 September 2008

Elizabeth Comes to Visit

Breakfast time for the birds this morning

The mystery guest was Elizabeth from About New York. Elizabeth came over to my house and had lunch and tea on Wednesday. I first met Elizabeth through her Marrakesh blog as she was living there at the time. She is now back in New York but was here visiting family in London.

We had an enjoyable and interesting day and talked non-stop for 5 hours plus our time in the car travelling too and from the train station. We found we had much in common and she and my husband Alan had plenty to talk about over the lunch table too. Elizabeth is a well travelled and down to earth, practical and friendly lady who had many interesting stories to relate.

If you have not already done so then do visit her blog. She is also an excellent photographer and this comes through in all her posts. You will also find a link there to her Marrakesh blog.

Elizabeth and Barbara

Elizabeth in the garden between the heavy rain showers

That was a short break in my Yorkshire posts. There are still 3 more to go. I'll be glad to finish, I'm getting bored with the one subject even though I love Yorkshire. Caving and a little gentle climbing still to come.
I have done a lot of wild blackberry picking this week. The wet weather has brought an abundance of fruit.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The colors in that first photo...lovely!

So how many blogging buds have you met? Four that I remember, but I'm sure that there are more. It's great to have that opportunity. I will visit Elizabeth's blog soon.

I'm sorry that you're bored with your Yorkshire posts...I'm loving them. :D

willow said...

How totally fun to see the two of you together in the same picture! Glad you had an enjoyable afternoon. :^)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Looks like you girls had a lovely visit.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a treat to see both of your sweet faces together as I follow both of your blogs! What fun for the two of you!

I am saving all your Yorkshire posts for the next time I'm over. I have enjoyed them so much!

Flower said...

What a nice way to meet and visit!! I think it is so nice that you have been able to meet your blogger friends in person!
I must tell you that the spiders are on the outside of my house and like all spiders do...they get fat right before dying!! We don't have spiders that look for us while we least expect it! :) So, you can now feel comfortable to come to my house!! :)) I just marvel at all the work they go to to have their babies!!
Have a lovely week picking blackberries!!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this reminder of a lovely day!
My whole visit was a delight and it's wonderful how enriching it is to translate blog-world into the real one.
Other bloggers take note.
Greetings from Wiltshire.
ps your Yorkshire posts are super because they let me visit vicariously.
Keep them up!

Anonymous said...

Hia Barbara, how wonderful that you got to meet! That must've been so exciting. :-)

Yes we've got lots of blackberries and elderberries at the moment in this neck of the woods but the sloe harvest is the worst I've ever known. :-(

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi! Came upon your blog quite by chance and really enjoyed it. Love the picture at the top. I live in The Yorkshire Dales - do please visit my blog sometime

Kristen said...

How fun that you have met. Is this the first time? Lovely pictures too.

Paula said...

How fun to have a blogging buddy come for a visit. Remember, Barbara if you ever come to CA, come over for tea :)

Sara said...

It can be so enjoyable meeting other bloggers...and you and Elizabeth obviously had a wonderful visit. I'm so glad.

Willow said...

It is so much fun to meet fellow bloggers! I'm glad you had a wonderful day with her.

I am so happy to have a face to put to Elizabeth's wonderful blogs and photography!