Monday, 21 May 2007

Tuna, Brocoli and Pasta Bake

This is another very simple but tasty recipe. Certainly if I am cooking more complicated meals then I do not want to stop and be taking photos. But when the dish is so easy I think it worth posting.

Tuna, Brocoli & Pasta Bake (4)

8 oz pasta twists 14oz can tuna, drained 6 – 8oz broccoli florets
Cheese Sauce: 2oz butter 2oz Pl.flour 1 pint milk 4oz cheese

1. Cook pasta in boiling water for 5 min then add bite size broccoli and return to boil. Cook 4 – 5 min until pasta just tender. Drain well.
2. Flake tuna on bottom of rectangular ovenproof dish.
3. Make cheese sauce with half the cheese.
4. Arrange pasta & broccoli over the tuna and cover with sauce. Sprinkle remaining cheese over the top. BAKE Mk6/200C /400F for 25 min.

Do be aware that a British pint is 20 fl. oz.


Betty said...

Barbara, The Tun, Brocoli and Pasta Bake looks delicious and one that I will make....

Thank you for your prayers for rain in our are unable to plant their crops for lack of moisture in the soil to sprout the seed. It is critical.

Orla said...

This recipe was the first that came up when I did a google search for broccoli and pasta. Thanks for taking the time to post it!