Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Chicken Portions with Tomatoes and Basil

As I was preparing dinner tonight it struck me, that this being such a simple recipe, it would be a good one to blog. This is my own simplified version of a recipe of Jamie Oliver's from his book "Jamie's Dinners". Place chicken portions in an ovenproof dish, add a tin of chopped Plum Tomatoes, a tin of Canellini or Flagelot Beans or a tin of Chick-peas. Add as many Garlic cloves as you wish and a small chopped Chilli (I use half). Lastly add two large handfuls of fresh Basil leaves. Season and mix together. Bake uncovered 150C/350f/Gas 4 in centre of oven for one and a half hours. That's it - very tasty.

A tip when using fresh Basil. Instead of cutting off whole stalks, just pinch leaves off with your finger nails, leaving the tiny new growth leaves near to the stem. Stand on sunny window ledge and water from the bottom when plant looks like it is beginning to wilt. This way it lasts quite a long time and will give you many uses.


Becky said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm looks soooo good.

Oh, and one lump of sugar for me please. Thanks for the tea party.

Beach Girl said...

I love fresh basil! I'll have to try this.

As for tea...no sugar, just cream. :-)


Tracy said...

Looks yummy!

Linda said...

I am going to try this one too. I love basil. I am always so happy when I start seeing the plants for sale. I always plant some in my garden. I'm always making that salad with motzzrella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil topped with a fresh vinagarette. Can't wait to start having it again.

carolyn said...

Looks and sounds so good, will have to give this a try.