Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Winter to Spring

Viburnum - Winter flowering evergreen

I was looking at my Winter garden and longing for Spring but know that longing for Spring has me missing out on today.

I was about to get on with some spring cleaning and de-cluttering when I decided to go for a walk. I had planned to do this all day but the weather was so changeable. During a break in the clouds I grabbed my coat and went. I got as far as the brow of the hill in my very local park when the sky went black and the heavens opened. I was only yards into my walk but decided not to turn back as I was aware that there were good lessons to be learned here.

The rain came down and I felt the hailstones bouncing off my head and the wind so strong and blustery that I felt I could be blown over. The park was desserted, not surprising in the circumstances, but I continued on my journey. I thought how I would like my life to be one of striding out between the showers but where would that get me and what would that teach me?

In the midst of the storm I saw how the hailstones did hit me but they bounced off and fell to the ground and melted. Just like the darts of the enemy that hit us hard. They hurt but as we continue on in faith they bounce off and disintegrate on the ground. Not because of any goodness and cleverness in us but because of the one within us as we journey on in the Spirit.

Just as I arrived home the sun came out. After Alan saying that he had been wondering if I had found any shelter, he asked if I had seen the rainbow. Well, no I had not seen the rainbow, I had been walking in the direction where I had my back to it. But, even though I did not see it, it was still there and I had all the shelter I needed journeying in God's presence. Thank you Lord for such a glorious illustration.

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