Thursday, 22 February 2007

My Siamese cats

I really wasn't going to do any 'blogging' tonight, once I had checked my E-mails, but then realised that my husband was watching his favourite football team on tv. Yes, I could go into another room and watch another tv but if I want to settle down and watch a nice film on dvd then I would rather relax in my sitting room. So here I am taking photos and blogging. What would we do without digital cameras! (The following photos of my cats are only photos of old photos so not a good quality, but enough to see what beautiful cats they were.)

They both died of old age some years ago but I still have photos of them in my home and they will be forever in my heart.

This is "Misty" the Mother

Pedigree name Annabel Stasia

Misty had 7 kittens. We gave one away, sold five and kept one who you will see below.

This is "Sandy" the daughter

Pedigree name Zarabell Zavita

When Sandy died I felt distraught and in my grief I wrote the following poem which I imortalised in calligraphy with ornamental lettering, photographed below.

I know you will not be able to read the above so have typed it out.


That pretty cat who stayed awhile

and shared her life with us

Gave so much pleasure every day

and always made a fuss

She knew not of her beauty

that was for our eyes to see

Food, warmth and love was all she asked

then graced us with her dignity

The family was her refuge

the garden her whole world

Her elegance would make you stop

and stroke her back as she uncurled

The pleasure turned to pain one day

as we watched her life just ebb away

But the pain was a flame in a fire of joy

with sparks that brought back memories

Of the day she was born by our bedroom door

to a very proud cat who we still hold dear

Who if she could speak, would I am sure

join us in our epitaph

"A gentle lady missed a lot Sandy darling you are not forgot"

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Janie said...

Oh Mum, that made me cry. I know I'm a bit under the weather this week, hence maybe the tears, but I still miss our beauiful cats.
Love you