Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cafe on the Beach, Wells-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk

This cafe on the beach has to be one of my favourite places. It is light, airy, modern and decorative and a good place for food, especially their fish and chips and afternoon tea.

I love their decorations and especially the miniature beach huts with a teddy bear sitting on the steps 

As you can see from the reflection I am using my i-pad to take these photos

Mirror reflections

Fish and chips in the background and my favourite chocolate caramel shortcake in the foreground

Have you come across ice-cream for dogs before!

and outside a bar for dogs ( it's all water of course) and it is self-service!

The only downside was that the beach here was where Alan lost one of his hearing aids. A member of staff from this cafe went out with him onto the beach to have a search but to no avail.


ellen b. said...

Looks like a great spot to eat. So sorry about the hearing aid. That sounds familiar. Happy first full week of June to you!

Needled Mom said...

That's a shame about Alan's hearing aid. Those little things are hard to find. It looks like a charming spot to visit.

Kay G. said...

You had me at Fish & Chips but then, you show me that cute outdoor dog bar! Great place.
Sorry over the loss of the hearing aid.

Garden Fancy said...

What a stylish cafe, Barbara -- the food looked incredibly delicious! I always feel like I've been on holiday every time I read your posts -- without the bother of having to leave home. Thanks for sharing your outings! Best, -Beth

Sara Lorayne said...

I love the decor too! Wonderfully beachy. And, those chocolate carmel shortcakes....I first had them at your house and have ever forgotten them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a wonderful place to visit and that chocolate caramel shortcake sounds wonderful! too As always I enjoyed the pictures so much.

Bernideen said...

I enjoyed your posting but am sorry about that hearing aid loss as that is very expensive. I do think it was kind of the man to help look for it. Really, he went beyond the call of duty. In spite of your loss I hope you had a lovely day.

Ag said...

Fish and chips is a favorite of mine and it would be so nice to eat them in such a cute place. Great little decorations around the shop.
I don't have a dog but I think that is the cutest little area for dogs to get a special drink of water.
I'm sorry to hear about Allan's hearing aid as they are very expensive.
I hope you are feeling a little more steady and recovering month by month.
It is so great to see your post.

Rasma Raisters said...

Looks like a wonderful place to have some food and relax. I haven't had fish and chips in ages and it sounds so good.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for the lovely visit, although I too am sorry for the loss of Alan's hearing aid!

Vee said...

Oh no about the hearing aid...can they be insured?

This eatery is bright and cheery. Tourists would likely look for a dark and wooded pub. 🙂

Rambler said...

Doggy Ice Cream!! Funnily enough, I treated my little dog to one (carrot-based) last week after walking through some ancient woods on a hot day. He thoroughly enjoyed it, while I had a delicious cup of tea.
It's many years since I was at Wells-Next-the-Sea, when we rented a caravan just above the shoreline for a week's summer holiday. I remember many pine trees around the caravan and many insect bites that holiday! Also a pond with lots of eels in it. Ugh!!!