Monday, 10 October 2011

Short, Sweet & Precious

What a sweet and precious visit we had with
Joyce a blogging friend from Louisiana

Joyce and her husband Don managed 24 hours at our home while in the UK this weekend
While here Joyce and Don were keen to experience house church and we too were blessed to have them with us

After Sunday lunch it was off to Greensted to show them the oldest wooden church in the world. I have posted several times on this church but for newcomers, it dates back to the Fifth century and here we see the original tree trunks from nearby Epping Forest
In front of the church we see the grave of a Crusader
Joyce and Don had the added advantage of chatting with one of the warden 's who was there clearing up after Harvest Festival
She shared lots of history and even some facts that we did not know

While out Don said that although we had met for the first time only this morning, it felt like we had always known each other
We agreed entirely as we have always found that when there is a spirit connection there is that instant bonding

Having such a short time together and with so much to share with each other we talked and fellow shipped till 1.0 am
with a break for the current episode of
Downton Abbey in the middle 

It seems ages since I posted from Barbara's kitchen so included here, the cake we all enjoyed at tea time

Crunchy Lemon Drizzle Cake

Cake Mix                                              Topping
250g butter                                            Juice of 1 medium lemon
200g caster sugar                                  Granulated sugar
250g self-raising flour
4 large free-range eggs
1 tspn baking powder
zest & juice of 1 medium lemon

1. Select a suitable loaf tin (about 1.3-litre capacity) and line the base with slightly greased baking paper. Pre-heat oven to 170C/350f/gas 3.
2. In a food processor, cream together the butter and sugar. Add half the flour together with the eggs, and blend. Add the rest of the flour, the baking powder, and finally the lemon zest and juice and whiz everything together until smooth.
3. Pour the mixture into lined loaf tin and bake in pre-heated oven for around 50 minutes.
4. Allow to cool in tin. While cake is cooling, blend the lemon juice for the topping (about 3 tablespoons) with sufficient granulated sugar (about 3 tablespoons) to form a syrup.
5. Take out the cake while a little warm and spoon topping mix liberally over the top.


Vee said...

Oh how wonderful. Everyone looks so relaxed and content. Where's Alan? Oh, behind the camera, of course. What fun that they were able to visit, attend church, visit this oldest wooden church, and watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey. Oh I've missed that show!

elizabeth said...

I have always known about Greenstead but have never visited. A 'must see'.....for my next trip.
How lovely to have friends visit from America. I'm certain they had a wonderful time.
The cake looks delicious!
Oddly warm here 84'F.
Went for a very long walk.
All best wishes to you both.

Elizabethd said...

How funny....we have both posted a cake recipe today!
Your visitors look charming and very much at home in your company.

Camille said...

Looks like you had a good visit with American friends.
Pictures of the old church are very interesting too.

Cheri said...

Barbara, loved the blog today. I am going to make your cake, sounds delicious!

Shawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time of fellowship!

Trisha said...

Such a blessing to make new friends, when they feel like they've always been friends.
So nice of you and Alan to show them the sites. Have a Blessed day. Oh, the cake looks so good.

Willow said...

What a wonderful time! And Greensted is certainly a must see place. We loved our trip there.

Sara Lorayne said...

It is always a blessing to meet virtual friends in person...and I know from experiencing it myself that you and Alan are wonderful hosts to your guests. Sounds like you all could have used another day or two in each others' company.

Lorrie said...

What a lovely day you spent together. I'm amazed at the age of that church. Just think of the many who have worshiped there over the centuries - of the history and tales it could tell.

Pomona said...

What a beautiful little church! The cake looks lovely - I am suddenly finding that I have to be careful how much I bake - with no big boys to eat it up there is a danger of its going straight to my midriff!

Pomona x

Kay Guest said...

I just found you by reading your review of Pomona's lovely B&B.
You have a beautiful blog!
Perhaps you would like to read my post on the King James Bible that I just did recently? My name is Kay Guest and my blog is

C. Joy said...

I like everything about your blog today and I'm looking forward to trying your lemon cake recipe. I've never used self-raising (or self-rising as we call it in Texas) flour. This will be my chance to try it.

Gwendolyn said...

What a wonderful time Don and Joyce must have had in your home! You provide a great taste of history, good food and the fellowship as you say, makes the bond so very special. It is a great blessing to connect with you, though living oceans apart! May God continue to enrich your lives!

a woman who is said...

Oh I am jealous again. I want to be that blogging friend visitor one day =) It seems a wonderful time was had. I can just imagine all you must have chatted about till 1:00 am. The cake and the company must have been amazing.

Lori Zehr said...

Oh, Barbara, how interesting! And thank you for the recipe! I remember the wonderful luscious cakes I saw and tasted all over England! I will try this one!

Joyce said...

Since we arrived to the States and back to our own home late last night, I am just now checking your blog to see what I've missed since I've been gone and came across this post!
It's cracking me up because now we're famous! HA!
We had a wonderful time there with you and Alan and enjoyed every moment.
We wished we could have had longer to chat with you both more. We learned so much in just that short amount of time.

We really appreciated going to Greensted. What a wealth of history there was there.

And BTW everything you made for us to eat was fabulous. But I have to admit eating your yummy cake and watching "Downton Abbey" with you both while in ENGLAND...was over the top for me.
HA! Sometime's it's just the smallest things in life that are the best.
God really was so good to us on this trip.
Thank you again for your hospitality!

Winifred said...

That was a lovely post Barbara. Have to admit lemon drizzle cake is just about my favourite. You can keep chocolate cake and just give me this. It's Lauren's birthday on Monday so I'm making her cake tomorrow. If I have time I'll make one of these for me!