Monday, 30 March 2009

Capel Manor Horticultural College

My backup last week of 'My Documents' on to my external hard drive took over 4 hours. This has pushed me to start to do some 'house keeping' on my computer, like clearing unwanted documents and sorting thousands of photos in order to get them onto C.D.'s plus finding somewhere for the many videos.

I am still working on getting the garden ship shape after the winter and attempting to continue with spring cleaning which was held up somewhat by the decorating.

I had these pictures of our local horticultural college already in draft form from summertime so thought it was about time I published it.

As you will see if you click on the link the college has 30 acres of many interesting gardens and areas and woodlands. The grounds are also used for horticultural trials including Gardening Which publication. The winner of the Chelsea show has their garden transported here too.

One of the areas of interest to me is the different and individual domestic type gardens that the students work on.

This one was developed in memory of the late Queen Mother

A back garden looking through the arch to the kitchen garden beyond

One of many different themes gardens

Here we see a number of different style domestic front gardens. Each one has a wall built at the back to give the appearance of a home.

Here we see a typical cottage garden

Another of the themed gardens. Hope you enjoyed your visit.


Lorrie said...

This would be a fun place to explore.


Susan said...

These are fabulous, Barbara. What a lovely place to tour. Love the themed garden concept.

Betty said...

I apologize for not having been by in awhile...I haven't spent much time on the has just been so busy...sickness, death, family events, etc.

I just read of Janie's pregnancy and I certainly will add her to my prayer list...

I enjoyed my trip with you via the pictures...I felt that I was walking along beside you...


Willow said...

What a lovely tour. Thank you Barbara. And say hello to 'the gardener' who was sitting in his back garden.

MeMaw said...

You always open our eyes to beautiful places...thank you!

a woman who is said...

You may be backed up on your computer clean up, but your way ahead of me in the garden. I have to get out there even if it is raining this week.

Lovely pic's.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and inspirational place to visit. Thanks for sharing Barbara.

Vee said...

A lovely interesting that the backdrops are as if this were a garden in front of a private home. We hear so much of an English cottage garden. Many of us aspire to it, but is that what the average English gardener is doing?